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Roids -Need Help!

hi ,

    Im 6'3 230lbs and 21 yrs old with about about 10-12% BF with a 350 bench 500 squat 325 hang clean and a 4.55/40. I need to gain some mass because i'm moving from WR to TE. last year i got up to 245 before i cut down to 225 for the upcomming season to gain some speed. My issue isn't gainning weight i know how to do that  Eat A lot ; but i was wondering about certain stacks of roids and what would be the best to take - I may get randomly tested so thats kind of an issue. I curently take winstrol (500mg a week orals); but have had some of the stiffening of muscles with it and think it might be time to move on to somthing else like decca or anavar? basically i want to get back up to that 245 but around 9-10% bf and alittle stronger i just need quality mass stack, im strong  and fast enough for the pros already. Also would it be better to add allot of weight like get up to 260 or 255 and have a fat cutting cycle like i did before of just take a year to get that 15lbs of muscle? 

thanks for your help- Go CAL

you take Winstrol and you’re randomly tested? damn, that’s kinda risky…

maybe try test prop.

definitely not Deca, the metabolites can be detected in your urine for up to 18 months.

test suspension.

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