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Roids in Sports

Hello everybody ! I was wondering if anybody knew how many drugs pro athletes (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc. ) are using and what is the most popular drug. I realize a lot of these guys are where they are because of talent, but talent will only take you so far. Also how strict are the drug tests they take and how do they get around it ? Is it anything like what Olympic athletes test?

Uhm…all pro football players use exactly
4 types of roid but baseball players only use
3 and hoop players only use 2…except on
odd Sundays when they use up to 5.

The most popular drugs are alcohol,
marijuana and Ex Lax.

Ask a stupid question....


Geez I’m sorry Brock I didn’t mean to insult your grand knowledge. I forgot that a pre-requisite to enter the forum was that you had to already know everything about steroids and the like. I guess this means that the forum rules have also changed about insulting readers unless of course you are on the T-mag staff then anything you say is ok. I really didn’t mean the question to be stupid, but are you telling me that nobody in american profesionall sports uses enhancing drugs.

Well, Dominic, thing is there really is no
answer to the question you probably really
meant, since quite likely no two athletes
are on the same drug program. We just can’t
say what “athletes” are doing in any specific
way because there are countless different
combinations and methods being used.

So Brock gave a funny answer to exactly
what you actually asked, how “many” drugs
do athletes take: why, they all take four

Basically, if it’s in the PDR and even if
it’s not, there’s probably somebody somewhere
taking it. There are also athletes who don’t
use drugs even at professional
levels in some sports.

Thanks Bill. I guess I could have explained my question better. I am just interested because now that the olympics are over and some of the Charlie Francis interviews have really opened my eyes. I do understand that drugs can’t provide you with god given talent, but I was just curious if professionall athletic drug tests are legit or can athletes easily cheat them ?