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Roids Healing Minor Dings


whats the word on this? background- i was doing rack bench lockouts the other day and i really dinged up my pec- so much so i thought i tore it..turns out it was just a scare, no bruising or swelling and with a lot of ice and DMSO, it seems ok- i just know its there- no pain- and im gonna lay off chest and just nail everything else..

im supposed to go on a dianbol, test e, 'var run starting monday- details for another post- and im wondering if the stuff will speed healing if i lay off training it.


I did the same thing to my chest (not a tear, just a strain I guess) and it took months to really heal… but probly because I didn’t give it enough time to rest. I took about a week and a half off from chest workouts and went right back to it. If I were you, I’d give my chest a break for a month. Do some light stretching. It would be a waste to run a cycle if you can’t really push yourself.


yeah- it felt good today on everything else but again, didnt bench…i think im gonna push the start date back another week just to see whats what…i do think the test would help speed the healing if i just didnt do chest but hit everything else hard.



Cycling right after you injure yourself will technically help you heal.

Assuming you don’t injure it by doing anything “foolish” like actually “lifting weights”.

But seriously, going on cycle will help the muscle heal, if you hurt a tendon or connective tissues it will make it worse.

Test makes collagen issues worse.
Although Var does improve collagen issues.

Personally I wouldn’t run the cycle for a bit, Id take it easy on the chest work, and if it recovers rapidly, I would give it a couple weeks, then start the cycle.