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roids gentle on the liver

which AAS is the least toxic on the liver?


Anything that works? Primo dosen’t do it for me. Any other options?

are you a pornstar?

try primo and winstrol for 6-8 weeks. 100 primo 3xweek and 200 winny divided up during the week.

Winstrol is 17-aa, not the best for the liver

trenbolone acetate.

Does it really matter? If u are going to juice then juice. If you have liver dysfunctoion then dont. You really dont have much to worry about as long as your not a long termer or using mutiple compounds at a time including of course orals. By the sound of your question you are not either, read the back issues of this mag and check out old post from the forum and jab away

Look at what AIDS patients use, I believe they use Anavar and maybe Deca. You should research that, I am just guessing.

I don’t have liver problems, but you only have one liver and if there is one steroid that works and is more gentle on the liver I would feel better about my next cycle.

stay away from anything 17-aa, plain and simple. if you are that concerned about liver toxicity.

Perhaps you should take supplements instead. I am old school to a certain degree and we used to always say if you are scared of the gear then take Bill Phiilps supplements. Really there is always risk, but it is no lesser than the alcohol, smokes and various “recreational drugs” that so many partake in and never think about the old liver. Something else, prescription medications can be very toxic to the liver, so can tylenol in too high dose. I’m not going to rag on you because I too was very concerned when I first began many moons ago. It is an intelligent stance. Take some Milk Thistle extract and jab away. Just make sure you dont cycle to long. We used to go no less than 3 months. Now T-maggers is that passe? I dont know, that was then. I would still highly reccomend D-bol even though it is a 17 alpha alkaloid (think I spelled that right), just dont over do it on dose or duration. If you are still concerned get some blood work done locally. It is inexpensive done at places other than your doc. Good luck Bro