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Roids For Women?


Hi all

I am new to this, I train naturally everyday and am about as muscular or cut as I think I can get this way. I am really interested in AAS and have read up on the risks. Can anyone help me make a wise choice for a first cycle? I am not looking to gain alot more mass, just cut it up a bit. Thanks in Advance


I think the majority of females, well at least the ones I know, stick with aas such as anavar,winstrol,and primobolan. All taken in very low doses.
I know a girl who ran 10mg anavar for 8 weeks who was able to drop 12 lbs. of fat and add 6lbs. of lbm. Her diet was right on point and her training was pretty intense though.
If all you're looking to do is drop fat, I'd look into a fat burner i.e. HOT-ROX, or a real low dose of t-3 and just keep your protein up to preserve lbm. Good luck!



Thanks mk,
Out of the three that you mentioned what do you think would be the best. my workouts are pretty heavy now and I could use a better diet. That is this weeks goal. I am a first year med student and work full time so, eating right doesnt always fit-in. I do get up every morning at 4am and hit the gym so I am sure that I can muster up alittle more discipline for the diet. Any way I was reading up on anavar, I like the testimonials that I have been hearing.


Yes you are correct Anavar is the safest choice. My wife takes 10 mg per day. She has tried winstrol, primobolan, and nandrolone phenylpropinate. She actually stays on a this low dose var constantly it has really drastically cut down on the number of migraine headaches she use to suffer from. In addition to this she doesn't get a period while on it, which she is happy with also. Keep in mind however we are not planning on ever having any children.

I must warn you however about taking primobolan as it is too long-acting an injectable. If the dose is too high, you will experience masculinizing effects, such as lowering of voice which can be permanent. You will have to ride out sides for the length the ester is in you body for.

Oral primo is a safer choice than injectable.

With the NPP my wife got more acne than with anything.

Winstrol causes an excessive increase in libido, and clitoral enlargement, which my wife was pleased with, but if not too high a dose is taken the more noticable masculinizing sides such as voice deepening e.t.c are not seen.

A good stack for women is actually a combo of anavar and winstrol. My wife put on some decent size using this combo.

And as I said before only use orals for now as if you begin to get voice deepening e.t.c. you will want to quickly decrease your dose or stop your cycle.

As for what doses to use, every woman is individual, some can handle more steroids without seeing side effects than others. You will have to begin with a conservative dose, such as 5-10 mg of var per day, or 5-10 mg of winstrol per day and work your way up to a point where gains are being made but side effects are tolerable. You will have side effects regardless, but they tend to have a hierarchy - i.e. first increased libido, then period irregularities along with increased clitoris size, and then voice deepening....

It's just the question of how far you allow yourself to travel down that road. For my Wife, we always backed off once her voice started to feel a little hoarse.

If you make your money as a singer, I recomend not taking any steroids at all.


Has your wife had any blood work done? How are her liver enzymes after being on var constantly. I've read conflicting information regarding var and hepatoxicity. How long has she been on without cycling?
Has she experienced any permanent sides? Did any of her sides subside over time?



No recent blood work done.
10 mg of var per day isn't worth worrying over though.

As for pernament sides, maybe a slight lowering of voice from our use of primo, but nothing too noticable.

She now stays on mainly for the improvements in quality of life - i.e. the absence of migraines,as these really crippled her, and the vanity of not having to worry about a period. We'll have to get a full check up in the future though.


I would be scared to have a woman I love use winstrol or primobolan due to their DHT deriviative and propensity for causing side effects in men, let alone women. I helped my girlfriend put together a cycle, GH, anavar, T3, clen and a little Equipoise, like 50mg a week. She is on the var,EQ and GH right now and loves the results. She is losing fat and gaining some quality muscle. GH makes my jaw grow, I look like Tom Platz with a monster mandible. She is only using 1.5 iu's a day, very low dose.


Hi Annietone!

Steroids are NOT "fatburners". They will help you to maintain and gain LBM while dieting, but if your diet is not on, then your results will be less than optimal. I would focus on adjusting your diet if your major concern is fat loss.

However, if you are looking to add some more muscle, steroids do make it easier! I have used Anavar 10-15 mg/day and had great results with little sides. (mild acne, swollen clit--hooray!)

I have used EQ @ 50-100 mg/day with little sides too. More noticable muscle gain with the EQ, but acne was worse and i think my hair began to grow a little more.
Winstrol is different for everyone. some women love it with no sides. some women hate it. i tried it and my voice started cracking so i got off.

Whatever you choose to do, keep on doing your research before you make a decision!

best wishes!