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Roids and your Dick

nice to see you frequenting the roid/cock forum cupcake.

This is some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time.

well my hopes are shattered :frowning: I guess i will just have to resort to pecker pumps or implants


I am only here for the “roid” half of that equation.

The appeal of the “cock” part is zero.

Not that there’s…

Yes there is.

Cup "Not here for the Cock and filling in for the missing Danny McVick"Cake

“He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow”

~ George Eliot

I was hoping to see some before and after pics in this thread…damn it!

GT, I would tell you to get the implant in your skull, but after this post I realized you are already a dickhead. Put a pecker pump on your fuckin face and kill yourself.


(NOTE - This type of backlash can be avoided if the search forum, or any type of reasearch you learned on a 3rd grade level, has been applied prior to posts. Thank You.)

the roid forum is flourishing. we have visitors coming from all over the boards.


I lurk here often to see what you Big Boys are discussing.

Vixen who is curious about all aspects of the Iron Game!

Okay, hopefully they’ll let me post this. The “before roids” shot in the upper left corner was taken with an electron microscope shortly before my first cycle. You can see the width is approximately 500 nanometers.

The after shot isn’t actually my member, (won’t let me post actual pic) but it gives you an idea of the size (558 feet long, 81 feet wide).

I guess the main difference is my member does not have a conning tower or rudder. Despite this, many women have asked whether it is indeed a nuclear powered submarine. Understandable, it’s hard to distinguish between something long, hard, and full of seamen, and something the same size that’s long, hard, and full of semen.

Suffice it to say steroids have revolutionized my sex life.

i heard you can get collagen injected.