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roids and acne

On my last cycle towards the end i broke out pretty bad,i am getting ready to start a new cycle and i wanted to know if anyone had any info on anything i can do to prevent this unwanted friend from returning this time,last time was my first time doing a cycle so i dont know if that has anything to do with it,also if anyone has any info on tetracycline and any negative effect it could have while on a cycle.

I have heard somewhere in the past that tetracycline intereferes somewhat with the anabolic actions of testosterone and other roids. Don’t quote me but its something I remember from a way old issue of Muscle Media or something. Go get em S-mac!

i prefer minocycline. it is also an antibiotic. it works very well for me at 100mgs/ed. and no it doesnt have any impact on the androgens you may be on. it has been rumored to be slightly active in the liver though. be cautious about the duration.