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Roided Fighters


Im a huge MMA fan and notice that a lot of the guys are on roids or HGH... Im gonna post some pics of fighters i think are juicing and some with natural builds...lets see if your agree...


Bob Sapp, lifts once a week, obvious GH gut, should be no arguement here...


Phil Baroni, former bodybuilder, says he doesnt touch weights....


Kevin Randleman, the veins on his legs are scary....


Ricardo Arona, made it to the finals of the Pride MW Grand Prix... roids are dirt cheap and legal in brazil where he trains


Shogun Rua, beat the fuck outta arona in the finals, appears natural


fedor emenilianko, the Pride HW champ, trains with sledgehammers and kettlebells, appears natural


Chuck Liddell, KO'd Kevin Randleman... you may have seen him from xyience commercials...looks natural


Tito Ortiz, tough one to call, claims to bench only around 300lb


Ken Shamrock, admits to using roids during his WWF days, note bitch tits from use


Wanderlei Silva, used to walk around at 240, then suddenly got smaller, weaker and WAY less aggressive...smells like steroids


steroids or not, Randy Couture is an Amazing fighter, NOBODY has fought the talent he has, but i cant see how a 40 year old can be that shredded...


I think its an honest 50/50 between those who use and those who dont.

There are those that OBVIOUSLY use some form of chemical supplementation. And maybe a few who look like they do but dont.

I also believe that there are some that don't look like they're on gear but do use it. Mainly to elevate their recovery levels.

So even in the case of Bob Sapp... there are genetic freaks.


Very few activities put the kind of strain on your body that this sport does.

You have to dedicate so much time to so many aspects... and very few fighters are able to JUST fight and do nothing else.

Many have to train other people, run a school/small business, perhaps even work another job, do promotions /events for their organization, travel, seminars, take care of a family...

Then they have to train a VAST array of technical skills... have aerobic and anaerobic endurance, be strong and fast...

And now, especially with the fight game gaining popularity in America...

A fighter can't be flabby, they have to be attractive and marketable so your physical appeal plays a great deal into it also (Think wwf/wwe).

So I can buy the "I dont use, I dont even lift weights" argument from someone like Quinton "Rampage" Jackson...

He says he doesn't lift weights (persay) but he is known to carry his training partners around the gym and routinely do clean and press sort of movements with them as part of his workout... Also his physique (while impressive) isn't bodybuilder status. He's lean, but if you've grappled for 2min you would know why. So for him its possible.

Unlike someone such as Phil Baroni or Carlos Newton... I have a HARD time believeing that he's not using. MUCH LESS not lifting weights. Though its entirely possible.

Fedor doesn't count... The T-3000 Doesn't need to use chemicals.

In all seriousness he's someone that I can buy not using. Yet I can also see him using but not in outrageous amounts, just enough to aid in recovery if he uses at all.

Kevin Randleman is one that I believe looks like he uses, but there's a high possibility that he doesn't. Randleman has always looked like that (one big huge ass muscle). He trains with Louie Simmons. He is also a Former Olympic athlete... the man is gifted as FUCK (ie, genetic freak).

But he lifts weights. Would tell you he does...and would advocate it. So he's not exactly hiding anything.

Basically what I'm saying is that you'd be surprised by who uses and who doesn't.

FYI- All that talk about no weights was because the gracies didn't advocate them at the beginning (they lift now though) so just to keep up with the jones guys would say they dont lift weights (but they do).. mind you some truly didn't lift weights but a lot of people just jumped on the bandwagon.



My fav fighter, Chris Leben, has very heavy hands, cant seem him juicing...


Silva doesn't have blood... he bleeds Trenbolone... so lets not even talk about him.

Um, Randy... Yea I have to agree with you, but again...former olympian... could give him the genetica advantage. Not to mention it's not like he's dropping a ton of weight.

Randy says he only cuts 10-15lbs of water.

Randy is a toss up.


Wow... Silvas forearms are huge.


I may be wrong, but I thought they tested for steroids and other fun things in the UFC, but they didn't in Pride.


they only test title fights in the ufc... nothing in pride


They test for drugs in the UFC. I'm saying that is a 100% guarantee that the fighters are drug free, but it makes it more difficult. Kimo and Tim Silvia have both served suspensions due to testing positive.

In Pride and K1, they don't test for roids. They like their boys big and freaky in Japan.

All that said, looking at someone's physique and saying "they are on roids" is absolute bullshit and you should fucking know better. So what if Randleman has veins on his legs - he squats well over 600lbs and is ripped.

In short, I'm sure some guys use roids, but looking at a picture to tell is fucking pointless.


Dude, seriously, you need to get that sand out of your vagina... i was just giving my two cents...i didnt mean to royally piss off people