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roid rebuttal


hands down, one of the best t-mag articles ever written! its about time someone takes these geeks to task on the b.s. that they spread. oh and the guest atomic dog was freaken hilarious. check them out guys.

im going to make copies of the roid rebuttal and distribute them to random people in front of the local wal-mart.


fan fucking tastic bro! that was a job well done. somebody please find a way to email this hirshberg dick and ask him to read cy's article. finally, a voice of reason!


Agreed!!! CY is the Shitt......

But you know that dip shit will just throw it in the trash and try and make Cy out to be some whacked out ROID RAGIN Freak...

I hate those kind of people....some stud musta dogged out his wife or something and now he hates anything related to enhancing your body....


agreed....job well done.