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Roid Rage on Tape!!!!!


First of all, if this dude is on teh roids, he does not work out and has an alcohol diet.

Second of all, if anyone's on teh roids it's the first cop responding in the video....

Thirdly, the article and title never mentions the other drug which is the obvious culprit involved until the last word or the story........PCP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The so called 'journalist" describes him heaving heavy equipment in rage? Loook like a little girl having a fit to me!


Yes he was throwing unmovable things like coat racks, tables and books... any normal man could cleary not move such heavy objects.

Thank God we have intelligent reporters like this fine female to give us unparalled coherent news reports.


"Watch him throw around heavy objects as if they weighed nothing"

LOL dude was mauling those coat racks and aluminum signs.


Dude didn't even look like he lifted weights.

Hey, where ya been Rock?


Dear Lord....those tables and chairs were FLYING!!!

He must be on some awesome shit!


lol @ the other dude "putting up his dukes".


Haha, she says this as he jumps on a cable tower and fails to move it.

LOL as he skipped around the office like a little girl. He was probably looking for a ball pit or something to work off that "burst of energy."


Um, the shadows?


too much creatinez and whey protein isolated


LOL @ FAIL @ 0:25


You have got to be fucking kidding me...shame on mainstream media



oh my how dramatic. I'm glad officers finally got him under control.

The only way these jokers could publicize this crap is to allegedly showcase 'roid rage'

"..and gets a burst of energy as he runs back in" ->hihihi


The video is sad but the sensationalism is hilarious. My 8 year old niece causes more mayhem after a can of Coca Cola!


Obvious creatinez abuse is obvious


What's that... oh Fox News you say?

I see, I see.


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I'm just glad this wasn't that Planet Fitness roid rage video again.


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Wonder what set him off. Maybe they said he couldn't use chalk?

So the toxicology report said he had PCP and steroids in his system. Wonder which of those was actually responsible for the childish tantrum LOL.

I find it surprising that his death from supposedly a single tazering is just glossed over. Even if you accept the reporter's stupid characterization of steroids as "life threatening," it's not the sort of thing that is alleged to cause acute death. Are we supposed to believe he died on the spot of liver cancer and shrunken balls? Enough PCP might stop his heart, sure, but wouldn't he have been even more freaked out if he had OD'd on that?

From what I understand, being on PCP eliminates the normal pain signals that would get a person to quickly give up when being subdued by police. The excruciating pain of the submission holds they use when cuffing someone is not felt, and the person keeps resisting even with a dislocated shoulder, etc, and that's when the nightsticks come out and the real danger begins.

Yeah, this guy didn't look like he even trained, but he did look young and in relatively good health. I wonder if he really died from a single tazer shock or if this reporter missed the real story.