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Roid Rage Excuse for Murder Plot?


This just appeared in my facebook feed.


I was wondering when this was going to come up on here. As I Lay Dying is one of my favorite bands and the lead singer was actually pretty well-built for a guy in a death metal band. I think it's all bullshit and some ploy to get him out of the more severe charges, but I don't think it'll hold up in court.



So pre-meditated murder should be put as a warning label on roids now?

lol. Fucking idiot


His lawyer may cite Chris Benoit (posthumous) v The People.


I'm no proponent for PEDs (don't really care one way or another actually), but I wish someone would finally put an end to this roid-rage nonsense. I've known way too many high level gear users over the years and seen just how insanely mellow they all seem to be to believe this crap. Yes, I know that's not very scientific, but c'mon. If it weren't for the damn misperception and uneducated masses (thank you main stream media for that), many things would finanlly fade away. Maybe if I develop kidney issues, I can sue the protein powder manufacturers and then we'll actually get a court decision to find that there's no link there either.

And yes, an intricate, premeditated plan isn't exactly going to be justifiable as a sudden hormonally induced mood swing.



I thought it said road rage and was completely confused, anyways fuck that dude.


I think the only PED that would actually give you "roid rage" would be cheque drops.
Although i've never tried them so I can't confirm.


It's a real thing.


LOL at getting someone else to kill your wife and then claiming roid rage.


Jamie Lewis talked about this on his blog (Chaos & Pain);

''Tim Lambesis, frontman for As I Lay Dying, is blaming his attempt to hire a hitman to kill his wife on "roid rage". No, I am not making that up- a Christian metal singer is claiming a nonexistent side effect of exogenous testosterone usage caused him to act violently and impulsively- so violently and impulsively, in fact that he calmly and collectedly attempted to hire another person to kill his estranged wife as part of a fiduciary contract to be executed at some undisclosed point in the future. Generally, I log things like a snap decision to have a cheat meal or to take another crack at a 405 behind the neck push press as "impulsive". Maybe popping into Texas Roadhouse on a non-carb day for a burger and fries. What I don't consider to be impulsive, however, is to seek out a contract killer (a process I assume takes more than 45 seconds), meet with said contract killer, hand him photographs of my estranged wife and a list of the places she frequents, and then bargain with him over the price. that, instead, strikes me as methodically, in addition to being incredibly non-violent. An impulsive violent act is randomly punching a person in the face while you're walking down the street. Haggling over contract details, however, is not. All of that, of course, assumes that "roid rage" is a thing, which it (according to science) is not. Instead, "roid rage" is a boogeyman invented by weak people to demonize the strong.''



Btw, I actually like As I Lay Dying, and for some reason thought that Tim was a solid guy, so this news kinda shocked me. He apparently believed that ''that it?s better for his children to have one healthy relationship with one parent rather than two unhealthy ones.?...


Wonder how he came to the conclusion that paying for the death of the mother of his children was grounds for building a healthy relationship with them...


... Steroids?



Forgot about that, must have grown that infamous "creatine brain" that overrides his other brain and makes him become evil.


Do people really believe that more testosterone, and who knows what other compounds, can't/does't lead to increased moments of aggression?


It will be interesting to see what he was taking and how much of it. The medical experts opinions are what I want to read in his defence. It's not true to say that there is no such thing as roid rage... all drugs affect individuals differently, I have been around gyms for better than 30 years and I can tell you that I have seen many guys and girls emotionally and in some cases irreversible fucked up from them. And to that point it has not a lot to do with a particular drug but the interactions and lack of information and experience with stacking and over dosing with multiply substances.

I agree that in this case from the information supplied, and the pic posted of him that he was not a big user... he is a pretty average looking weight lifter if you ask me... and that the drugs and "ROID RAGE" didn't have him sitting up till all hours of the night planning and scheming the demise of his estranged wife. Not to mention the tracking down and solicitation of someone to actually carry out the plan. That takes careful thought, secrecy and emotional instability, NOT instantaneous roid rage. Ask Bertil Fox... he snapped and within an hour of a public fight with his wife he had found himself a gun and shot her dead... and her mother if I remember correctly, or at least in front of her... now THAT canbe and was attributed to ROID RAGE.

This guy.... just another hypocritical religious freak, who's ego and self esteem have taken a hit due to his wife rejecting him. He will have all his church friends vouch for him the pastors and boy fuckers will come out and support him and god will forgive him... la la la

The band members have already started.


The accused seems just like some dumb bastard that never put the right attention on preventing this kind of consequence as best he could. Now that he's been caught, it seems like he's trying to shift off some bullshit excuse about steroids manipulating his thought processes enough to formulate a plan of action to murder his wife so he can cut down on his sentencing, whether his brain will allow him to realise how fucking ridiculous that is, is anybody's guess.

Regardless of whether roid rage is a myth or reality, surely it cannot play enough of a significant role here for anyone to buy his excuse. Hypothetically, his steroid usage may (big may) have ignited tension that forced their split and his resentment, but it was entirely of his own accord that he decided to pursue a contract killing on her.

He should be sentenced to whatever is worthy of his crime, notwithstanding the steroids plea he's trying to beg for in his defence.


Actually having a testosterone imbalance with more estrogen can possibly stir on far more mood swings including aggression then raising test alone..


Pschhhh! Women!
That explains it


As a singer/guitarist of a death metal band, I think Tim Lambesis sucks and should get locked up so I don't have to hear his dreck anymore.