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Roid Rage Article

I just saw a 60 minutes segment trying to blame “roid rage” (they actually used that term) for this kid’s suicide. They proclaimed that it was “steroid induced.”

Here’s a link to an article about the story: http://westlake.k12.oh.us/WestlakeParentConnection/PDarticles/RDTeenSteroidUseJuly04.htm

Clearly the kid didn’t need to be useing - but that’s not why he hanged himself. Why does the media hate steroids?


I watched it. They totally used steroids as the scapegoat, instead of taking an unbiased look at what happened. The worst part was the woman psychiatrist saying it was the steroids. Of course she was going to say that, she had to cover her own ass. She prescribed an antidepressant to treat depression caused by HPTA suppression. she would have done better to have given him clomid to get his hormones back to normal. This was an excellent example of the ignorance in the medical community about steroids. The fact that this kid had just started antidepessants was only barely mentioned. Despite the fact that antidepressents have been tied to suicide, especially in the first month.
I have lost much respect for 60 minutes for doing such a poorly researched totally biased story.

antidepressents such as paxil give an initial boost of energy to a patient in depression, it takes a few weeks however for the antidepressive effects to take hold. This is a high risk, for suicide as normaly a person suffering from severe depression who has suicidal ideation, lacks the “energy” to commit the act. Give them a med that increases his/ her energy, and your looking for trouble. I believe a man in colorado killed his wife and kids, and them himself, when he was perscribed paxil. And yes it is typical of the news media to have over looked these facts.

Good answer Prisoner.