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Roid question

What’s going on guys? i am planning my summer routine. i am currently finishing off my 8 week cycle of t-200 by tornel and deca by tornel. i have great results with 23lb. increase with 3 weeks left. well my question is this. i plan on jumping on another cycle in june. the reason is because i am joining the crew team in college next year and you need certain stats. well i need drugs that get out of your system as quick as possible. so i decided on winny, eq, and t. propionate. my goals are to gain another 20lbs. and lose about 5lbs. of fat. i plan on doing 50mg of winny everyday drinking it. what are your thoughts on drinking winny? my next question is the only propionate i am finding is the brovel. there are rumors that that t-100 propionate is enthanate?? what would be a good dose of t. propionate that i could use? i plan on running the eq at 400mg a week for 10weeks. t. propionate for 8 weeks and winny for 6 weeks. any advice would help. also, for my diet. i plan on eatin 3500-4000 calories mostly from 50% protein with 25% carbs and 25% fat. what you think? will it help me reach my goals??

Hmmm. Let’s see here. You’re going to eat 4000 calories and 2000 of them will be from protein. That’s about 500 grams of protein a day. I wonder how you are going to do that? As for the roids, real men don’t need them! If you are not good enough to compete without them, perhaps you should find a sport that you can compete in legitimately. But…that’s only my worthless opinion.