Roid outRAGE

this is a pretty nice article in regards to barry bonds (my hero) and steroids. here is a quick quote that i found to really drive home the message:

"Without Toprol or Lotrel, anti- high-blood pressure drugs, or especially Nexium, I’m sure I’d be curled up in a ball somewhere. Do you want to get into all the performance enhancers you take? And is not all of your work still valid? Or, not? Am I supposed to believe nobody actually uses Cialis or Levitra or Viagra, that the companies making them are going broke? Why is it when NFL football players are shot up in their ankles and calves and knees and rib cages and shoulders and necks with pain-killers to numb themselves and then go out and sacrifice their damaged limbs so they can perform for us, we have no outrage over that?

No Shitt!!! Its about time that crap was said…I was just waiting and finally someone with some Balls said it!

Im a long time baseball player…I even played for the U.S. Marine Corps (yes they do have a semi pro team) While I was in about 3 yrs ago…I was never subjected to so many “hurry up take this” and “lets inject this here” just so you can play in this next big game, before…I can imagine what full Pro’s go through…I know a few but you know they really don’t talk about it…I guess they got the whole “I can’t tell anyone Im hurt or they will lose respect for me” thing going on…

And how many of those old bastards pop a viagra 30 mins before the big games with there fat ass wives!!! Performance enhancer if I ever heard of one!!

Well here’s one difference; I’m not going to pay a couple hundred bucks to go and watch that “big game”. Therefore it puts other players, those not willing to “gear up”, on an unbalance playing field.

On the other hand, I don’t think that there is any need for all of the hype and crucifying ergogenic aids have been getting in sports. Overall, it’s just another bandstand for all the cocksucking politicians to hop up on and start preaching from. That is, once they get off there knees and stop blowing eachother.

BTW, I too have noticed the “irony” of how the same conformist-man-titted-cheese-poof-eatin-slob has the gual to be so outraged at this. Just try to visualize the target audience of most sports, based on the commercials they run. What do you see? Well like P-dog/red point out, pills to make your dick real hard real long…NIIICE!! What else? Teeth rotting, bone/mineral depleting shit in a can…oh wait I mean coke…mmm! That’s refreshing. And wait what’s this? Of course what would go better with an ice cold coke than some Micky D’s. Uhh I dunno maybe a beer? That’s right you fat fuck!

Alright I’m done ranting , I think. While it may sound dismal, it all comes down to the stupidiy of general public. This very stupidity that allows manipulative bags of shit (politicians) to shape our laws and society to keep fat and lazy. Personally this is one of the reasons I could never get that into sports, like some people do. Idolizing anybody just isn’t a healthy thing to do. ESPECIALLY when it’s just over one thing they’re good at. I mean honestly, plenty pro atheletes are complete dick-jaws/huge ego. Alot of this is the fault of all these fans.

Honestly though, if I get some nice tail thrown in my direction, make a nice fat chunk of $, go on vay-cay, ect you can bet there’s gonna be and extra glide in my stride and a dip in my hip. Now imagine a feeling like that X’s 100 24/7/365. Then imagine the degree/duration/likelyness of all this would be increased considerably if you just “took this”. Now you tell me that the same BIGGG FAAAN(whose soo outraged), wouldn’t throw his own dog off a frickinn bridge just to get the one chance like that.

Or am I all wrong? Do the fans sit around and say “Oh I love how So-and-So never took steroids”? I doubt it. Most likely they say something like “He’s a great ballplayer”.

the thing that pisses me off the most is all the barry bonds bashing. we are talking about probably the single greatest player of all time when its all said and done. no matter wtf the guy does people will find something to talk shit about. in all honesty i believe the fact that he is a black man breaking all the white mans records has a lot to do with this.

mark mcgwire was 300 fucking lbs when he hit 70 hr’s. he told everyone he was on creatine and andro and that was the end of it.

bonds has been crucified despite never being proven guilty of anything. if he is proven guilty then go ahead and lay it to him.

the other thing that gets me is that cheating in baseball is pretty much accepted and laughed about. everyone in baseball is trying to get an edge somehow. stealing signs, scuffing the ball, the new maple bats, etc etc. nobody gives a shit about all that. but a guy uses roids and he is suddenly effecting the integrity of the game. wtf is that?

they also complain that aas using players will destroy the competitive balance of the game. i find this to be ironic coming from a league that allows one team to have a near 200$ million pay roll and others with 20$. gimme a fucking break. yeah thats competitive balance.

P-Dog, you made many valid points. Unfortunately, we live in a hypocritical society, where anabolics steroids will probably never be accepted, in part because most of America and the World in general are ignorant about the benefits of anabolic steroids.(Europe to a least extent, in my view…they are usually more open minded with drugs. For example before Cialis came to America my Dad was already using it. Also, andriol is very easy to get over there, despite not even being available in the States) They only hear about the negative sides, therefore, it will be virtually impossible to change this perception until they, as a whole realize the benefits, if used correctly. We already have many Anti-Aging Clinics popping up all over the country and I believe that in the next decade or so we should see a radical change on how we perceive steroids. Living close to the Bay Area, I too watch the Giants and like Barry Bonds, and from what I read they are out to get him, one way or another. That is a shame and only reflects the direction of our society. Barry Bonds has only enhanced his natural ability; just look at other players who also use anabolic steroids - are they breaking records? I was watching a debate on ESPN about Steroids and Barry Bonds and they said that his record(s) will always be questioned, which pissed me off because they are completely putting aside his athletic gifts and focusing only on steroids.

IMHO, without steroids in sport there would be no professional sports! Think about it, would you go to see people run the same 100 meter times as 30 years ago? The same high jump of 30 years ago, small football players knock the shit out of each other? 140lbs wrestlers? A tour de france that is only a week long and much slower?
HELL NO! We want freakin’ heros & giants! Sporting gods who can perform the impossible…

I think it is because of us (the paying public) that pro sports people use gear. So long as we want better games, better teams, bigger hits, faster times, longer throws etc, these guys (and gals) will need to do gear. If money is involved, the pressure to perform is huge.

BTW - I am not anti gear - quite the opposite, but just a realist. If you want to play pro sport at the highest standards, you have to level the playing field and if your competitors are using, you can’t afford not to.

“Only the stupid get caught” - Charlie Francis (Ben Johnsons Coach)

“IMHO, without steroids in sport there would be no professional sports!”

I guess it depends on the sport you’re talking about.Steroid use in hockey is almost non-existent and the players are alot bigger and faster than they were 20-30 years ago.And don’t try to argue that steroid use in hockey is common.Anyone who would say that obviously knows nothing about the sport.

I disagree.
You know that the only reason players can play into their 40s is because of T-replacement therapy.
I believe that a lot of the miricle rehabilitations (coming back from a torn rotator cuff in ~2 weeks) have something to do with growth hormone, too.
And you don’t know what these guys do in the off season. George Laraque is like 260 at sub 10% bf. Sounds like he’s been eating his wheaties…

uncle, where do you get this info that hockey players arent juiced?

No steroids in hockey? Hmmm.

I was outraged listening to Jim Rome yakking with that NY Congressman who authored the Anabolics 2004 bill.

Neither of them seemed to have a clue on the subject, they were talking about how dangerous steroids were, threatening the lives of baseball players, etc.

What a load of shit.

I know a couple of hockey players who are on. You are simply kidding yourself if you don’t think players in the big money speed/strength sports are not using steroids. Not the same way pro bodybuilders use them maybe, but they are still using.

I agree that some must be using but it’s not like baseball and football.I’m quite sure it’s used for rehab purposes also.
It’s entirely possible that Laraque is clean.Some people are just naturally big.When you’re 6’4" + you’re gonna weigh at least 220lbs unless you’re a stick man.
I know some professional players and they say it’s not very common in the NHL.

The reality of hockey is that the players that make all the money and break all the records are skill players, not tough guys like Laraque.

Therefore the media doesn’t care who takes AAS.

Kieran - Exactly.

theres 2 brothers on my hockey team that pop halotestin before big games, theres also one other kid i know using a low dose of EQ for joint lubrication for his sore shoulder. none of them have ever been caught

Uncle Bru - whilst you may know of a few clean players, I would bet the mortgage that there is a whole lot of hockey players doing gear…don’t you think that to play twice a week, train for hours on end, recover from big hits & injuries etc and this his how they make their living, these guys are going to seek some “help?” Can you imagine this…“Honey, we’ve got to sell the house because I’m tired and injured and can’t play anymore!!!” Whilst I may not know a lot about hockey, I do about pro sports (Rugby particularly) and you my friend have you head in the sand!

I agree that there will be some genetic freaks who are huge and heavy because of their superior genetics but, for some of the other guys, the only way to compete against these oddities is to get an AAS leg up.