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'Roid Info

Hey Boys,

I'm not sure where to start so i'll try my best. 

In 5 months im movin' to Australia. I'm tryin to get ripped with a bit more lean muscle mass on me. so right now im lookin' at 6 weeks of anavar (LTL) at 30mg a day with nolvadex after for an anti-e. I'm 140lbs at a ~10% body fat. I'm 5'8" and ive been swimming for the past 8 years and been on light weight training about as long. i'm lookin to take in about 2600 cals a day and lookin for about a pound of lean muscle a week.

 My weight schedule would be day on day off with one day a week dedicated specfically to cardio and core strength.

 I'm 19. i can give anymore info as needed.


Even with drugs, I doubt you’ll gain anywhere near 10 pounds off from 2600 cals a day even at your present size.

I’ll be the first to tell you. I’ll do it nicely for the most part. You sure as hell don’t need steroids at your size. You should be able to gain 1lb a week without them with a good diet and training. What you do almost definitely need is more than 2600 calories. Hope that suit works well. It’s gonna get hotter than hell for you.

Alright! Thanks for the info and the heads-up!


Isn’t Carbolin 19 supposed to best that dose of anavar with out estrogenic effects? So you might want to try eating and Carbolin 19…

Thanks for the input!

Anyone else?


anavar doesnt have estro sides well not according to any of the stuff i read by bill roberts and its expensive and im pretty sure that it is better than Carbolin 19 at what it does

[quote]B-Bomb wrote:
Thanks for the input!

Anyone else?


dont’t take offense to this, but you are way too young, and way too small to start aas…your main priority at this point should be to increase your calories and maybe supplement w/ some creatine or zma…i know it’s tough, but be patient bro.


Is there a certain age where AAS should be used? I thought 19 years old was prime time to start. I didn’t even start training seriously until I was about 19 and I thought I started too late.

After 21 would be a good minimum for AAS since you stop growing at that age.

People can debate all they want about when it is “ok” to start cycling. A few things I think we all can agree on though, is age 19 is not too late to start TRAINING (even though 14-15 may be better) and using AAS before the age of 21 is NOT WISE. A male’s hormone levels at that age are still high, so why add something to the equation that has serious potential for harm?

Under 21 or not, you should definitely have some serious training before you use steroids, and you should DEFINITELY weigh more than 140 lbs. Why did you post this if you knew what the response was going to be?