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Roid Calculator


This might be old for you guys.....but if you are wondering how much roid has been absorbed by your body or what is left in your body to be absorbed try the roid calculator below:



Supposedly a great tool. What are the respective headings for:

1) Test e
2) Test Cyp
3) Test Prop


1) DepoTestosterone = Cypionate
2) Testoviron = Enanthate
3) Testovis = Propionate


Thanks. That will make things a lot easier...


Very interesting.

At the top it says that if you inject in the Delta Muscle(sic), you will have longer halflifes. ????


This is awesome!! I started HRT this year and was mistakenly injecting 50ml instead of 50mg(25ml @ 200mg/ml) two times a week and wondered how my test came back at 1226!! I found out when I had to renew the prescription for Cypionate and they said it was too early.

I dialed it back to to 25ml injections, but wasnt feeling it so have been at 30ml (60mg) and was starting to feel some side effects like tingly scalp and gained more weight recently.
The calculator definitely shows why. It is a CUMULATIVE effect. I am going to reduce accordingly...

Many Many thanks for posting this link, the visual aid of showing dosages was so helpful!!!!
Also want to say thanks to all the guys who posted in the Over 35 and Steroid forums, for the level of knowledge, I wouldn't have done this without your help. Live and learn from our mistakes :slightly_smiling:


Um.. 50mg at 200mg/ml is a grand total of 10,000mg. Even 25ml is 5,000mg! Both are no normal dose for any human on the planet.


Are you seriously taking a 25mL shot?!?!?!?


wait a minute.
if your taking 25ml at 200mg/ml thats 5 grams of test thats not 60mg.
thats almost 3 whole vials
50ml is 6 whole vials I have 30ml vials sitting in front of me that last me several weeks and There is no way I would load up a whole vial into my muscles that would hurt like a bitch.
I have seen the syringes used in that amounts and it is the size of a turkey baster.
I think you need to re-think your numbers a minute cause no way that is right. and if it is right well how can you make such a gross miscalculation I mean thats crazy you should be set for a while with 5 grams test floating around.

and also your test would not come back at 1226 with 5 grams a week of test.I would think it would be much much higher
with that much you would have so many sides you couldnt handle it.
again please re-think this im interested if this is actually true, if it is how exactly did you feel after so much test at once.


THIS is exactly why most medical docs don't allow injections for TRT, opting for Androgel - or allow sensible men to carry out their own injections - becuase so many simply do not possess any common sense at all.

This mistake isn't a mere mistake or miscalculation, if he knew the FIRST THING about the drug he is shooting into his body (you'd think wouldn't ya??), then he would have made the calculation and realised that it was out by.. oh about 4,900mg or 24.5ml and seen that if he injected that he'd likely rupture his muscle fascia, let alone grow breasts and have his prostate coming out to say hello..

I think this man could single-handedly bring the world of steroid forums to its knees!

On a more serious note - poster, what are you doing? Really?

If your Testosterone is dosed at 200mg per ml.. then you understand that 0.5ml is 100mg... that if you wanted to shoot 50mg twice a week, then you'd need 0.25ml twice a week?
I can only assume you meant you were shooting 0.5ml (50ml in your mind) twice a week instead of 0.25ml (25ml in your mind) twice a week, thereby getting 200mg/wk instead of 100mg.
This is a relatively easy mistake to make, and wont hurt you.

But you REALLY need to read more about the drug you are using - for your own health and results - the fact you only just worked out that is works systemically and that its levels build over time show a distinct and fundamental ignorance for the drugs activity in your body.

Google is your friend:

'Testosterone pharmacokinetics'
Testosterone Replacement Therapy'
'Actions of Testosterone in Men'

These should bring up some decent results that you can read.



Brook and Maddy,
You are correct, it was a typo... only .5ml a week divided by two equals .25ml. my mistake. Thanks for the links, I will definitely google the stuff. I did get some liquidex and started that as well since libido was in the tank. the hard part is that the liquidex is hard to figure out the correct dosage. I am getting blood work done again within the next 2 weeks. I haven't posted about my particular HRT case, there are plenty of others, but I was a Testim non-responder.
40yo male, 6 ft 220, 18% bf.

November 08 t was 194, after 6-8 weeks on testim, t went to 90 total. so went to injections. 1 month follow up after injecting .5ml 2x week, total test was over 1200. so dialed it to .25ml 2x a week for past 2 months, and will follow up here shortly.

Again, thanks for your assistance, I am trying to get smarter, my doc isnt the brightest lamp on the porch but better than the navy docs I have to deal with.


Measure liquidex with a 1 ml syringe (no needle attached) or an oral syringe. Just rinse off the syringe and draw/squirt water a few times and its ready for next use.


Thanks DH, I will get an oral syringe. I was using the dropper and measuring 1/2 a dropperful every third day to match with injections. I initially went too high and used a whole dropperful, but then got the achy joints from E being too low. The difficulty has been in determining the correct amount to match my HRT dosage, which has been too high until recently.

Question: How long does the Liquidex remain in my system? Reason for asking because it is a research chem and doc didnt prescribe arimidex or other, and Navy docs wouldn't test for E2. This round of testing I am going to get every damn test, and want to see what the levels are. Desire is to get accurate test results that would show high E2, so I can get prescribed AI. I was also going to skip an injection to let T levels get lower before testing, so I can get HRT dosage upped to .6mg week.


0.6mg per week huh?

You really, REALLY need to get to grips with the dosing of your meds. It isn't even funny anymore.

As for simply missing an injection - i think you may have to give a little more thought and effort than this in order to get a higher script of Testosterone - learning how much you take would be a start.. :wink:

And the Arimidex - the best way is to spend a few bucks on a saliva test online that do basic Test and Estrogen levels fairly well AFAIK - followed by looking for fat gain, water gain and low libido suggesting high estrogen levels.
If you have none of the above except a lowered libido, maybe painful joints and you are on a decent amount of Adex, it may be too high a dose - as you have seen previously.

Generally one would want to be a little better read-up on basic male endocrinology, hypogonadism and Test replacement therapy in general, to pull the wool over the eyes of one's doctor..


Anastrozole's (Liquidex) half life is 3 days. That means that there is only half of your dose left after 3 days and if you take no more it is reduced by half again every additional 3 days until it is completely gone from your system.

If you skip an injection and T level goes down, E2 may also fall since there is less to aromatize. It is difficult to say where your E2 level will likely be at with so many variables (skipping T injection, missing liquidex doses, etc). Your body will be trying to find some sort of balance and it is anyone's guess where levels will fall. If you skip an injection it is sure that T level will be lower.


Second time writing this one up, got deleted. All I learned about HRT is from this site and the links to Dr. Crisler's writing.
After a about 4 years of feeling like crap, I got bloodwork done and total T was 194. So went to civilian doc after navy docs wouldnt help, and he gave me a testim gel, 5mg tube daily. after 6-8 weeks my total T went to 94. From my own reading and understanding, the tgel just shut down what little natural production I may have had. So the doc and I agreed to go to injections at 1ml a week. I asked to divide that into two doses for more stable delivery, mood etc trying to stick with what I learned. The only time I figured out something was wrong was when I went for a follow up blood test and T was 1220 or so. the doc never said anything was wrong.

all other bloodwork was in line, including hemocrit, lipids etc, but couldn't get an E2 test. The way I figured out what was wrong was when I went to the pharmacy for a refill and the pharmacist told me I went through the vial too fast and wasnt due for a refill, and when I told him what I was doing, he explained that the 200mg/ml suspension meant that I was basically taking double the recommended dose. Of COURSE I gained weight (about 12lbs) and some fat along with it. From my understanding because my T was too high and I was worried about high estrogen/estradiol, so I got some liquidex. the dropper says 1mg/ml solution and I started with a whole dropperful every time I injected while reducing the injections from .5ml to .25ml where it should have been all along. I now use 1/2 a dropper full every time I inject and feel that is the so called "sweet spot" I should be at for whatever the T levels are in my blood right now, and may need further adjustment as they decline to where they should be.

the bottom line from all this hit-and-miss is I am due for blood work in about 2 weeks and want the results to reflect what the accurate dosage should have been, without the liquidex. That is why I asked about the duration of the liquidex and possibly skipping dosages since I learned about the cumulative effects even at the correct dosage of .25ml and want to bring my blood levels back to where they would be for proper assessment. The .6ml/week comment is what I think I should be dosing at based on my bodyweight and will discuss with the doc for his concurrence, but will have to wait for the bloodwork to get back to see where I am at.
I do appreciate all the comments and help here, even though I am a noob to the HRT thing and got some terminology with mg/ml etc mixed up. Let me know if I should start another post or something or if continuing here is ok.
Many thanks.


They are more specialized in HRT on "The Over 35 Lifter" forum.


Is there a rule of thumb on how this would translate in a blood test?. I mean, for example, if I inject 100mg of test/day, what would be the impact on a blood test in nmol/L.

I am HRT (Androgel) and I take AAS, and since I have regular blood tests, I would like to find a formula to get the blood test without interrupting to much my cycle and without having my AAS cycle showing too much on the results.