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Roid Bally

I was doing my research and I found out that AAS can cause Roid Bally (big stomach). I am a little worried because I have a relatively thin waist line of 31" with 220lbs. What do you think guys? Is it permanent problem or it usually goes away after a while?

I think that has more to due with the massive eating that typically accompanies steroid cycles. Anyhow, yes you can diet the waistline back down with a little clean eating & cardio (if that’s your thing).

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the distended belly is usually due to HGH use I believe. hgh will enlarge your internal organs and give you the large bloated belly while still haveing abs(yeah kinda freaky). BB

bigben is right

a bulging gut is call GH gut… from GH use

I have felt that way before too. I agree with Biggieben that it’s just from eating so much, that your organs are expanding.

For me, that is one of the worst sides I get from a cycle. It looks terrible eh. It usualy doesn’t take too long to get ride of though.

If you’re not already, maybe try doing shorter cycles. There might be less chance of that happening; or at least it may be easier to get ride of.

P.S. Pysllium seed husk, and those types of things are always a good idea to keep the food moving.

Your stomach will not bloat from the test or HGH. It will bloat from over eating and eating and then napping. The current bodybuilding culture is okay with the distended stomach but Arnie and Frank Zane did just as much juice and hgh as anyone but the culture was all about the “vaccuum” stomach look, so they did tons of breathing exercises to get control of the vaccuum. Get into yoga and breathing and you will not have a problem.

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