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Roid Adaptation

I think the problem here is mixing the idea of “rate of gains” with the idea of “results”… expecting that if you can’t gain 15 lb LBM in 2 weeks when you have now gotten up to 300 lb in ripped condition, when you started at 135, is just missing it. For any given hormonal, supplement and drug milieu, nutrition, and training, there’s a size that your body will approach, and your genetics will not have you get any bigger than that under those conditions. No, you’ll never have 30" ripped arms, even though under some circumstances you may be able to gain 1" on your arms in 2 weeks, so “logically,” just by getting “the same gains”, you ought to be able to hit 30" pretty fast. Basically, say you are taking drugs/supplements sufficient to get you to 220 lb in muscular condition, but you only weigh 180 right now… you’ll make very rapid gains. If you weigh 210 right now, gains will be slow. This is not the fault of the drugs or the supplementation and your results, being 210, are not less!!! And if you weigh 240, having gotten there with say more serious drugs, the “220 lb stack” will help you maintain but you’ll slowly slip down. Again this is not the fault of the drugs or supplements and nothing else should be expected… 220 lb is a lot of results, if 180 is all you could have attained naturally, regardless of whether you are gaining at a rapid rate or not. Drugs and supplements don’t directly work by controlling rate. Rather they, in my opinion, adjust your body’s homeostasis or balance point.