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Rohnyn Should Be Dictator...


Why should I be Dictator? Because I solve everything!
The main problem with most issues in the USA is that people overcomplicate them, get emotional wrapped up in them, and hurting someone's feelings. They don't take an outside look at the problem and actually examine it logically.

Fact is, most things can be solved easily and I will demonstrate it here.

1) Abortion: It is not OKAY to endorse an institution that more than half of Americans find morally reprehensible, this being said, the benefits of abortion socio-economically are numerous, it has resulte din less poverty and crime. Illegalizing abortion will not stop the practice anyways.

Solution- Cut funding for Planned Parenthood, it must run off private funds and donations. Reroute quarter of funds into Artificial Womb development. Illegalize abortion for embryos and fetii that cannot be frozen. WHen people get abortions, freeze the embryos and fetii. DOne. Pro-Choice gets their abortion, Christians don't see anyone killed. A better compromise. If Pro-CHoicers want PP to keep running, they can donate.

2) Energy Crisis & Garbage: Electric cars, Nuclear Power Plants, Space Ships and wean off dependence. Set up Nuclear power plants, push forward electric cars, take fuel cells and garbage....load on Space Ships - shoot in to space. Research alternate means for fertilizers, tires, plastics and other petroleum junk.

3) Gay Marriage/ Gay RIghts: THis has nothing to do with fed. Marriage is not a federal institution. Tax partnerships with requirements and time limtitatoins for anyone as long as they meet requirements. Marriage belongs to the Church, not the GOvernment. As for gay rights, just leave it to local level, allow communities to disallow or allow it, it's up to the community.

4) Education: Standardize tests for all major subjects 6-12, pass/fail. NO social promotion, favoritism or any of that. You pass it or you fail it. If you fail you stay back. Put cams in the class rooms to evaluate teacher performance, if exams are unsatisfactory, review videos, if not, destroy tapes. If the teacher sucked then fire them/retrain, otherwise the students were just not very bright. Done.
If a school wants to be elite, they can make the Standardized tests their midterm, whatever, anyways about it, every student has to pass if they want to progress.

5) Gays In MIlitary: DOn't ask don't tell worked. Reinstate.

ANyways those are my solutions so far.


Not worthy of comment.


My ideas is just that solid ni@@a


I have a better idea.

Yall send me 5% of each pay check and I promise to keep fire and police departments running and provide adequate defense.

If I absolutely must I might throw in an infrastructure worth the name, i.e. ring circuits to avoid power shortages, non-crumbling bridges and highways without potholes.

Other than that you are on your own and I spend the rest on highclass hookers, as many children as I can sire and a modest amount of drugs, because, lets face it, with that amount of dough any serious drug habit would kill me.

Plus, if you behave, one giant party each year at the whitehouse, if you are a Christian conservative dont come, you might be slightly offended before you reach the front gates.


not bad


At a glance, 40% of your program has to do with gaydom? Is that necessary?
You won't reduce the military, except the obvious gay?
Abortion makes up 20% of your glorious edicts?

Let me think...NO!

not bad, throw in basic income and we have a deal.


No wai !

Iz you insane !?!

That would seriously cut into my orgy money stash, you only have to pay 5% instead of as in your case like 70%, do this charity stuff yourself.

Maybe if people are really charitable, I throw them a party too, and give them shiny medals or bright ribbons.

People like shiny medals and they cost practically nil.


lol at 70% - Nobody wants no damn socialism!

I just want what most people already have in our societies, just without bureaucracy and lobbyism.
It's good for the Pax Civitas, for creativity and a for building a humane, moral society.


Yeah well, if you are taxed in Germany, that is what you pay.


Sadly you're about right with 70%, but you could halve that and introduce "this charity stuff" (which I actually find very libertarian) while destroying 90% of all bureaucracy & special interest groups at the same time.
And it would be more sexy.


What if I gave you a medal ?


throw in a position as general of the AHK (atheistic hunter-killer brigade - special forces branch of the ministry of love & defense) and I'll forget my silly socialistc charity nonsense in a jiffy!


Ill send her over AND a medal?

She will wear it on her cheerleader/schoolgirl uniform.


Under my command, schoolgirl uniforms shall be the ONLY and last uniform theist scum will see in this world!


On second thought, cheerleader outfits could be the parade uniform of the AHK ...


Mmmmhhh, you obviously do not get the gist of my laissez faire I do not care approach.


Electric cars suck and I won't buy one. Give me a blown big-block any day of the weak and you can choke on my smog.
Oh, I want to care for the environment, so I suggest running cars on Nitro-methane. A little volatile but what the hell....


I would like to comment, but you can't do so in a dictatorship. I hope you bring back hanging for horse thieves.