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RogueVampire - How'd You Get So Big?


Aside from the goofs played upon you here (which are funny at times), it's obvious you're one big dude that has spent considerable time and effort under heavy iron.

I know you're currently on a modified DC program, but how did you primarily train to get most of the mass you've gained, and what did your diet look like?


This will be awesome... I can feel it.


Aside when I was younger and did an extreme amount of volume, I just thought the more I did, the more gains I'd Get. That just never seemed to work for me. My style has always been on the low volume side. With a gradual reduction even further.

But, with that reduction in volume, I work each bodypart more often. just about 2x per week. I just figure the more often you can hit a bodypart, the faster the gains. But, that can work against you if you do to much and don't allow yourself enough time to recuperate.

Lately I've been moving away from my modified dc routine. I'm combining more explosive type training on the first set, and then a slow controlled higher rep set for my 2nd set. I only do 3-4 sets per bodypart. But 2x per week it works out well.

I had a unique experience back when i tore my tricep tendon and after surgery, i was forced to go much lighter. I just slowed everything down, didn't concern myself with weight. once i got to a certain strength level, which was still farrrr weaker than before the accident, is when i really noticed size gains.

so i just decided to go back to what i did during that time. I just think doing it slow, not super slow has great benefits, especially when combined with faster more explosive sets.

As far as my diet, its been the same for years. I get made fun of for eating so many protein shakes. They really aren't protein shakes, they are meal replacements. What im taking now is the perfect meal, as far as meal replacements go. best protein profile there is, perfect amount of good fats, perfect amount of the right kind of carbs. and a good amount of fiber and vitamins and minerals.


I'm fucking serious, and I hope people can at least be decent here and maybe learn a thing or two in keeping their mouths shut.

Let's hear what RV has to offer.


I stand corrected. After reading his response, I'm glad to hear he's working each body part and eating protein. I don't know wtf I've been doing all these years...


So, has he ever posted more than the 2 pics that were under his terms?


Sounds perfect


Im sure every tom, dick and harry are doing the same things. but when you really look at it, they aren't. Most guys do way to many sets, their volume is far to high. then they are forced to take off a week in between bodyparts. I see how most guys train.


Were you a devotee of Jones and Mentzer?


No, not really. Mentzer wanted guys to do, what was it, 1 set per bodypart, once every 10 days, lol. now i do each bodypart every 4 days. with more sets. My main exercise for a bodypart, I mostly do 2 sets. Not counting warmup sets. then I will do 1, sometimes 2 sets on another exercise for the same bodypart. like tris, id do dips on the dip machine, then do rope extensions. But everytime i do a bodypart, i switch up the main exercise.


Sweet. Was wondering when RV would get one of these threads.

RV what have been your staple exercises for each body part over the years?


baller. subscribing


incline presses in the power rack. hammar strength incline press. dip machine.
seated dumbell curls, standing dumbell curls. preacher curls, hammar curls
dips on the dip machine, but working tris, rope pulldowns, close grip bench presses.
t bar rows on chest supported. pulldowns. shrugs, reverse shrugs. I used to do bent over rows, but it just hurt my lower back more. so i dropped them.
heavy side laterals. Military press on smith machine. military press on high incline in power rack.
leg presses. always got better development with leg presses than squats. but thats me. occasionaly some forearm exercises.


RV, has there every been a period of time where you have focused on building strength over size? If so what were your best lifts?


Well, I train for strength now. I just don't do the typical powerlifter lifts. I don't do benches all that much. I kept pulling muscles. So yes, I focus on power and also slower more controlled reps for size. explosive lifts, do build size in certain fibers, i hit the rest with the controlled reps. Favorites of mine are doing lifts in the power rack. I did inclines last night. fairly high incline. I start the lift with the bar right off my chest. maybe and inch or 2 off. I start from there.


by best lifts i think he meant number wise


F u RV





Oh ok. Well, I do not train for singles, doubles or triples anymore. to risky. I try and get stronger in the 6-10 rep range. last night i did, 350 for 9 reps in the high incline press in the powerrack. with the weight starting off my chest. Makes the exercise much harder. I do 5 plates on the chest supported tbar rows. the only exercise that im not as strong on, is curls. for whatever reason. Im not weak on them. just not as strong compared chest shoulders and back.


The way you train is similar to how I train... once I started doing less sets per workout and hitting each bodypart at a higher frequency I had insane growth.