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Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar vs Texas Deadlift Bar

Hey all.
I am looking into the Rogue Ohio Deadlift bar. I have only ever used a Texas Deadlift bar.
I have never used a the Rogue Deadlift bar and there is no where near me that is going to have one. I am wanting to purchase a Deadlift bar and the Ohio only costs half as much as the Texas.

I am looking for insight from anyone who has used both.
Is their much difference between the 2 in whip? From what I can see, both have virtually the same specs.
With a max of 530, will I be able to pull as much on Rogue bar? I know that’s a very vague question - I’m mainly wondering if the Ohio bar gives you as much as the Texas and how it feels in comparison.
I can’t find much useful information online, so I am hoping someone here has experience with this bar.


More than likely its a perfectly fine bar. Texas has lasted the test of time, Rogue bars are still fairly new.

I think you’ll be fine with the Rogue bar if it gives you more cash for other toys ( I only use texas bars at my gym )

Haven’t used the rogue bar myself but i gotta agree with corstijeir in that is should be fine. Rogue gets a bad wrap from many because of them jumping on board crossfit so vehemently but I’ve never seen a rogue product that was shitty. If it has the same specs as the texas bar it should be just fine, if at all different and also (i mean zero disrespect i promise) a 530 max isn’t enough to alter that much, if the texas bar has more whip then a 800 lb deadlift will get a lot more help on that but 530 is just barely starting to come into the tier that whip helps much in my opinion.