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Rogue MG-3 Multi Grip vs. EFS Football Bar


So I’m between these 2 bars. The price is pretty close. I was wondering if anyone had any experiance with either of these bars and had a recomendation.

The EFS bar has the rotating collars which I think is a bonus, but the Rogue bar has a greater range on handle spacing.

I’d also like to get some thoughts on parallel (straight) handle vs angled handle multi grip bars.




I have the MG-1 so I’m not sure how useful my comments will be, but it’s a very well built bar. I mainly only use it for savickas press, but have used it to bench without any issues as well. Elite makes some great stuff too so I’m not sure you couldn’t go wrong either way.

I’ve found Rogue processes orders faster than Elite. That’s the only real difference I’ve noticed between the two.


Rotating sleeves are HUGE. My swiss bar does not have those, and as a result it’s a real pain to try to unrack the damn thing from a bench. If I had to choose between a swiss bar with rotating sleeves versus without, I’d go with the former, unless you were specifically wanting that element in your training (ie: using it to supplement training on a strongman log/axle).


Thanks for yalls input. I’m happy to hear Rogue puts out a solid product, and I agree the rotating sleeves seem like a large upgrade.

I’d also like to throw this Gronk Swiss Bar into the mix. I noticed that it has the exact opposite philosophy on handle angle than the MG-3. It has parallel narrow grips and angled wide, while the MG-3 has angled narrow grips and parallel wide. It also seems to be zinced? This could be an advantage in my book.

Having no experience with swiss bars I’m at a loss on the benefits biomechanically. I will obviously be using this bar for pressing movements. I do not have shoulder pain, however, I would like this bar to be soft on the shoulder in case I train someone with an injury or limitation.


I picked up a used Mega Tricep Bar from a Play-It-Again Sports – which is basically a Swiss bar, as best I can tell.

It has two sets of grips, both parallel. I use it for overhead pressing and for hammer curls mostly. It’s a well built bar, and works well for both of those. It doesn’t irritate my shoulders, wrists or elbows at all, so it gets used quite a bit these days.

… just to throw another option in the mix.


Thank LoRez,

I think I’m hung up on the MG-3 or the Gronk Bar.

The Gronk just looks like a beast and I think the angled wide grips would be advantageous during pressing.

I think I may be giving up on the EFS football bar b/c it has less range on the hand grips.

I didn’t think this decision would be this difficult.


Holy Shit look at this combo bar from Edge… Interesting


After further deliberation I’m really considering this Edge Combo bar. I like the options on parallel and straight grips. Only thing I don’t like are the non-knurled handles.


Non-knurled handles are pretty standard with these welded bars. If it’s a real big deal, you can just wrap them in athletic tape.


I had a chance to talk to the man in charge over there. Really nice guy. Also very experienced in the game. He went through all the details on the combo swiss/football bar. I’m sold for sure.