Rogue Invitational

Livestream on Youtube.


6:10 PM CST

Presented by BPN

Cyr bell weights in order: 253lbs, 274lbs, 280lbs, 290lbs, 300lbs

Head to head competition

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1st event was elephant bar deadlift, won by JF Caron with 926 I think. LOL he said he was ready for 1000 lbs+. In the interview after the event, he said he remembered pulling 1008 (?) and coming in 3rd once.

The thought was most of the guys have been competing all year, and they’re tired.

Tom Stoltman was 2nd with 911 lbs. Licis (coming back from injuries) was 3rd with 906 lbs.

Stoltman is the favorite a la Big Loz prediction.

Mateusz K bombed out at 781 or so; looked like his right lat was tight.

Great show, one event left, (non-round) stones over a 50" bar, no one has had access to these stones to practice. Martins ahead of Tom Stoltman by 2 points; hard to see Licis losing to anyone except TS in stones. Live at 7:50 CST.

So far, 2019 WSM 1st, 2021 WSM 2nd, 2020 WSM 3rd. This show is totally the Arnolds that was cancelled this year. If they cancel the Arnold Classic again due to the gamma or vega or whatever variant, Rogue Invitational might just take over…

Did I mention the winner gets $133 K? Biggest purse ever for a strongman comp.


Most amazing stone competition I have ever seen.

And that’s no hyperbole.


I’ve been following on Facebook not seen any footage.
It looked like a tight comp.

Novikov doing all of the 1 arm presses was amazing.

I was happy to see Martins take the prize!

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What a fun competition to watch.

Caron crushed the DL
Mateusz crushed the yoke log medley
Novikov crushed the CDB medley
Licis crushed the stones.

I already knew the outcome, and watching Tom and Martins battle it out on the stones was still entertaining/shocking

Looked like odd haugen was in rough shape with the neck brace.

Too bad to see kieliskowski with the torn lat though. I’m dealing with the same thing myself right now and it’s a literal and metaphorical pain.

Also it looked like brian, Misha, and Jerry were just too beat up going into the show

LOL. Just heard Big Loz talking about Thor’s Hammer (lift it off the ground, grip event). So checked it out.

Martins wins by lifting the 300lb hammer, gets 5K, walking around money after the $133K yesterday.

Mateusz and Shivlyakov lifted 275, Big Loz got 250. Previous record was 260, so I think breaking that earned some pocket change also.

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