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Roger Stewart's Extreme Calf Machine


Has anyone here got this machine?

I noticed they gave this device a 'single best training product' award here at T-mag. No explanation as to why and how this really is supposed to be a really helpfull piece of training equipment.

I did a search via Google though and got some info. But I was hoping that maybe some people here own one or have used one and can tell from personal experience what they think about this product.


Quick hijack. T-mag did not give this thing "Single Best Training Product," rather, John Koenig wrote that after trying one out at the Arnold. For all the rest of know, it could be a piece of monkey shit.

Just a clarification. Always have to be careful when you say "T-mag said..." T-mag is a pretty large and diverse group of contributors and voices so opinions will vary.

End hijack.


Tried this toy out at The Arnold........basically a heel raise on a swiveling 3x3x24 plate. Nothing special. Although he had some killer cows.


Yeah, I should have been more precise, sorry 'bout that.

I hope you guys review it in the 'Stuff we like' column you have.

Or maybe John can elaborate on his experience here on the forum :slight_smile:


Or maybe we'll obtain a few and give them to T-Nation members to test out and report on as part of the upcoming T-Jack project. Sound cool?


Definitely sounds cool.

But I'm guessing me living in The Netherlands probably won't have a chance to be one of those :frowning: .

Oh well, hearing from others is good too. If this product is a real aid to hit the calves a lot better I'll make sure I can get one somehow. Calves on this ectomorph over here can use a boost...