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Roger Clemens Trial


Now I know that there are people who view PEDs in two completely polar opposite ways, but should the federal government really be involved with professional sports? All of this started with the Mitchell Report, which identified over 100 major league baseball players who have taken or were currently taking steroids and other PEDs.

I think that this retarded and the government should stay out of this. Clemens wouldn't be on trial if the Mitchell Report was never published and we could have avoided this whole mess.

Leave your thoughts below. I'd like to hear what everybody has to say.



Is this still relevant/going on? If so...wow it's been forever lol.

But, in the end the gov't is gonna care about distribution and sale of controlled substances so just because it's pro sports doesn't change anything.


I agree that the government never should have been involved in the first place, but he's being tried for perjury. The integrity of our justice system overshadows the other stuff imo.


Way, don't talk about that stuff online!! The government or future employers will track this down and you will have no future!!


Just for the record, he isn't on trail for using. He is on trail for going to a hearing, taking an oath to tell the truth, and then lying.

While I don't think teh Roidz should be illegal and I don't think the hearings should have ever been held, what he did was wrong. Telling the truth under oath is serious business.

(this all goes for Bonds too)


In my mind, I see this as the government trying to tell us what we can put into our bodies. Its ok to smoke, thats perfectly legal, and how many deaths have occured because of smoking? alchohol, how many people die each year cause of alcohol?

Clemens, when asked whether or not he ever used steroids, he simply should have refused to answer. and all this, would not be occuring. Steroids are the modern day salem, MA witch trials all over again. This should serve warning to all athletes, either refuse to go to court, or plead the 5th. If you deny it, and they can prove you did use, then your in trouble. so why play their game. don't give them ammunition.


The "justice system" implies the judicial branch. We're talking about Congress here. They're the legislative branch. I don't see where why they would "try" Clemens in the first place. If Clemens broke the law, he should get a proper trial, not be tried by a bunch of politically-motivated professional windbags who have appointed themselves as judge AND jury.

Besides, I find it hilariously ironic that they would be condemning Clemens for lying to them. This would be like John Gotti condemning kids who shoplift.


Clemens isn't being tried by Congress. He's being tried by 12 of his "peers". He was accused of using steroids in a grand jury testimony by McNamee, who went on to levy the same accusations against him in front of Congress. Clemens VOLUNTARILY asked to testify in front of Congress to rebut McNamee and he (allegedly) lied. THAT is the issue here. Steroids have nothing to do with this.

The issue is: should someone be brought to trial for (allegedly) perjuring himself in front of Congress? Is trying that person further justified when the person in question (allegedly) VOLUNTARILY lied to Congress? If we start quibbling over whether steroids should be legal or not we stray from the REAL issue at hand and wander into a territory that we're all too familiar with. And what happens is that we eventually begin to try to justify lying to Congress based on what those lies are, and this is wrong. It is NEVER okay to voluntarily haul yourself up in front of Congress and start spouting off lies.

What I want to know is why McGwire hasn't been tried for providing misleading testimony to Congress (a charge that Bonds was found guilty of in his grand jury testimony) and why Rafael Palmeiro hasn't been tried for perjuring himself in front of Congress.

And for the record, I think we should be drug testing Congress.


I think its clear congress isn't taking performance enhancing drugs. Maybe they should.


Yeah, I think Laotian smack is more their thing.




Got nothing other than I've stood (he was sitting) next to Clemens and that is one big motherfucker. His head is easily as big as a toddlers torso.


I know that he's on trial for perjury. I'm just saying that this whole fiasco is unnecessary. Yes, lying to federal investigators is a crime and I'm all for putting somebody on trial for that, but the root issue is that of the gov't. getting involved with sports. It's just not necessary.





Thanks for the clarification.

One of the reasons I'm disgusted by the whole spectacle is because it's tied into the hysteria over evil 'roidz. If Clemens had been into crack or meth, none of this would have happened. Why, because those drugs are not as bad and dangerous as steroids? Please!

Anyway, I agree - let's drug test Congress. While we're at it, let's give each member an IQ test too.


This most certainly would have happened if meth or crack were involved.

If the IRS had investigated into a "legit" company as part of a federal money laundering case, unwittingly discovered that this huge corporation, which is deeply and irreversibly tied to the fabric of America and is also exempt from anti-trust laws, had dozens of its most high-profile employees using and aiding in the trafficking of said drugs and then Congress subpoenaed several of the people connected to the highly illegal acts of money laundering and drug trafficking/production to testify in front of the very people who have given them the PRIVILEGE of operating without being beholden to the anti-trust laws that literally every other corporation or other such business entity in this country is held to, and then those people LIED during their nationally-televised testimony to Congress, you can bet your bottom dollar that those same people would be prosecuted to the fullest extent for perjuring themselves and obstructing a federal investigation.

THAT is what is happening here with Clemens. This isn't about steroids at all so stop trying to turn the focus toward that. I understand that some of you on this forum operate best in situations where you feel victimized, but this isn't one of those situations.


UPDATE: Judge declares a miss-trial for the prosecution presenting evidence that was originally deemed unusable. Decision on whether there will be another trial will come in September.



^^yesterday @ 9:00 AM

^^and in other extremely late breaking news...


gregron always bringin the lulz


The estimated cost of prosecuting Bonds and Clemens.....22 million dollars and counting.

Bonds was convicted of obstructing justice, sentenced to 1 year probation and community service...a mistrial was declared on 3 other counts.

The judge in Clemens case has not decided if he will allow the government to re-trial Clemens citing "gross misconduct from the prosecution"

The lead for the government in both cases.... Jeff Novitzky a former IRS and now DEA agent. The money quote...."It was money well spent, if it saves one kid"