Rogaine Work?

Well, its finally happening, I’m 21 and my hairline is getting the boot. Does anyone have any experience with Rogaine? does it actualy work? If not, has anyone had any luck with any other products? Do you baldies, at what point in your life did you lose most of your hair? Early 20s? thanks.

Yeah, I started losing my hair when I was 18 and started using Rogaine when I was 20 or so (back in 1993).

It did work for me at the time and I noticed much less shedding.

Dude, get yourself some Proscar or Propecia (both are finesteride). I noticed that my hair was starting to look a little thin and started taking Propecia. Within six (6) weeks I could already see my hair “filling in.” Its been three (3) months now and the lady that cuts my hair cannot believe how thick it has gotten. It as thick now as it was when I was a teenager. By the way, I am 43. Good Luck.

I’m also a man on a budget, how much does Propecia cost considering you have to keep taking it?

I have to clarify something in my original post. Propecia is 1 mg of finesteride. Proscar is 5 mg of finesteride. Get a prescription for Proscar as all insurances will cover the cost or part of the cost and cut the tablet into fourths. Take one-fourth each day. Propecia, since it has a cosmetic application, is usually not covered under insurance. If you do not have insurance, do a WWW search. There are dozens of sites selling either of this stuff. Can’t help you on the cost, but as far as being hassle free, I would pay the premium for a pill over topical application.

Price wise (in the midwest at least, I’m not sure about regional differences) propecia can cost $55. That is for 30 pills; roughly a month supply. Proscar can cost $12, and you chop each one into 5 pieces. This way is cheapest and can last up to 150 days. I did notice a slight decrease in libido following a weeks usage though. I changed my diet soon after and got it back within a week.

I looked up Proscar and it said it was for people with trouble urinating. Am I looking at the right thing?

Yep, you’re looking at the right stuff. Proscar (finesteride) is a DHT blocker used for shrinking the prostate in men who have an enlarged gland. The Proscar is 5 mg which is a heavy hitter compared to the Propecia at 1 mg. Anyway, one of the side effects that was noted with Proscar is that men started growing hair. So the drug company (Merck, I think) did studies and found that 1 mg was enough to block DHT and start hair regrowth on the head.

trouble urinating and hair loss comes from the same thing. DHT, dehyrotestosterone. it gets stuck in the prostate, making it bigger giving you trouble peeing, it also gets stuck in the hair roots making them fall off, dont know for what reason any of this happends. i think its also the thing that makes you horny so take care using it, might be- block dht, block hair loss but also block horny. not sure about the last thing thou.

I started thinning in my 20’s and started having it quite noticeable around the crown area when I was about 26 or 27. I started shaving my head a little more than a year ago. I used Propecia for more than a year prior to that, and I didn’t notice anything out of it except losing $40 a month for the prescription.

I get proscar overseas for $90 for 20weeks supply thats cheap. Funny thing it started working real well, then, stopped! That is NOT usuall for this drug, I have kept what little I have it stopped the balding but the stuff I gained went away. Still happy with it get some.

Hate to keep bringing this topic up, but may I ask where you get it for so cheap? and how I can get it. I’ve been looking around online and can only find it for double that amount.

There are plenty of places to get it online cheap. I think I used All you need is a prescription from your doctor. I purchased 90 days at a time for $120 ($40 per month).

I started losing my hair during my late teens. As anyone who has gone through this knows - it sucks! I haven’t tried any of the medicinal remedies, but from what I’ve read - they really don’t work that well. If anyone is interested in the hairloss issue I would like to give you a website that is all encompassing They’ve got just about everything related to hairloss on there. By the way, hairloss should be a thing of the past - according to Dr. Gho - in a little over 3 years. His procedure is called HM(hair multiplication). This should be avaliable sooner over in Europe than in the U.S. You can thank the FDA for that. Although I believe Dr. Gho - who’s based in the Netherlands - is opening up a clinic in Aruba. They have the same type of regulations as the Netherlands. This should make Hair Multiplication avaliable within 2 years if you want to make the trip. Just think within 2 years you may be able to have your very own mullet. Peace out!