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Rodney Dangerfield and Bodybuilders

This is an honest, serious, non-cynical question for the Forum. Do you guys give Bodybuilders (BESIDES “Arnuld”) credit and respect for ANYTHING that they do? I’ve seen them called freaks, Biochemist, Roid Heads, dumbasses…you name it; but they are given very little credit for their hard work, focus and yes…motivation and inspiration that those pics and videos often give us.

If Rodney Dangerfield thinks HE “don’t geta’ BIT uh’respect”…it’s a damn good thing that he’s not in the IronGame!

I kinda agree and disagree with you. If i had great genetics to be built like that, to have my body take to drugs like that, be able to get whatever drugs i wanted without a problem, and be able to grow like they do, i would be one motivated sumbitch too !!.. i have more respect and admiration for the hard gainers who consistently bust their ass day in and day out, even with then acheiving very little gains. as far as those freaky guys giving me motivation and inspiration, i’m more inspired bu the physiques in Men’s Health than Muscle and Fitness. But back in my early 20’s, those “Biochemist” were very inspirational, since i too wanted to be built like them. and i still think Arnold, and Frank Zane had the best physiques of all time, but then again, i was brought up in a gym. my dad and uncle were competitive bodybuilders in the late 60’s and early 70’s. When i was 5 years old, hanging out at the gym with those guys were my inspiration to be built like that some day. I can even remember back then my dad and uncle talking about arnold. Talk about a guy who’s litterally heard of arnold all his life. ok, i kind of got off on a tangent, i guess my point is there is… and was… a ton of motivation and inspiration in my whole life to want to be built great.

I suggest that you buy yourself a video called
“Blood and Guts” by Dorian yates.

It will clear up any misconception about some of these guys training and dedication.

Also 'Ronnie Coleman : unbeleivable" is good movie too.

Yeh. Check dorians vido blood and guts, and lets talk!

The reason I do not like pro bodybuilders is the amount of drugs they take. I think drugs are useful, when monitored and done correctly. However, these dumb shits are taking handfuls of different types of steroids with huge dosages. I mean that is not healthy at all and sets poor examples. Then they try to act like they do not do steroids in the “mainstream” fitness magazines. Then I have to listen to some little teenage shit ask me how he can get that big. I really do not care about bodybuilders and have no interest in who one Mr. Olympia. I do love strong men contest though, of course I am sure the top ones use drugs as well, I wonder how much though. I wish someone would interview a top ranked strong man to find out. Hope t-mag reads this and does an article on it. Anyways these are just my opinions. Peace.

The current crop of pro-bodybuilders have not earned my respect. Now, the bodybuilders in the '70’s and '80’s did and still have my utmost respect. The women who began competing in the early '80’s had to bust through stigmas associated with women and weight training and in the process paved the way for women like me. However, any woman who weight trained in the early 80’s (I guess that would include moi) - earned my respect and appreciation. But more so now, is ANY individual who seeks quality in their training and nutrition knowledge and applies that purpose and dedication to all facets of their life. That’s a quality individual. And one to respect.

One word; jealousy.

Respect what? It’s like respecting Bulimia. What’s it called, Muscle Dysmorphia? These are not the ideal physiques. They are cartoon characters. They do not represent a healthy, realistic, image of weight trainers. There is a reason why Pro bodybuilding is a subculture. No, it’s not because people are jealous. After all, most people appreciate atheletic bodies even if they do not have one. But through the large amount of drugs bodybuilders have pushed their bodies so far over genetic and natural limits, they stop looking atheletic. Now they look like something from the Enquirer or a circus freak show. Well, that’s my two cents.

While I respect the drive and dedication that these guys have in the gym (I’ve seen both the videos recommended above, and they are awesome), I have to question what they’re doing to themselves from a purely aesthetic stance. While the guys in the Arnold/Zane era looked good, if exaggerated, Joe Gold’s critique of the current crop (50-inch waists, gorilla butts) is right on as far as I’m concerned. Yeah, they’re huge and ripped and all that, but so what? I wouldn’t want to look like most of them. And believe me, it isn’t jealousy. Of course, there are always those few who still maintain some sort of classic lines to their physiques (Shawn Ray and Flex Wheeler - around '93 or thereabouts - come to mind). Lee Labrada was superb, as was Vince Taylor. But lately, aside from Ray, who is there who really would look good at the beach? No one that I can name off the top of my head.

Oh, and Patricia, if you're ever looking for a date...we could make beeeeautiful muzak together...!

Hey a guy, i have not seen Blood and Guts yet, If you could explain some of the hardcore training moments of the video it would be appriciated.

Bodybuilders often look alot stronger than they are, and the ones I’ve seen in gyms strut around they own the gym. That is why I don’t respect them…

I can’t give pro bodybuilders the same respect I give to pro athletes that participate in the NBA, NFL, NHL, etc., because, while pro bodybuilders look good (though some of them now look downright freakish), they don’t really ever perform anything athletic. Many of them couldn’t run up and down a basketball court without having an asthma attack, and could you imagine a pro bodybuilder playing a full soccer game? Nah! Wouldn’t happen, they’d never last. Also, put a 245 lb. pro football linebacker against a 245 lb. bodybuilder and I’d be willing to bet the linebacker would smash the s**t out of the bodybuilder. The linebacker would be faster, quicker, more powerful, more explosive, in general, more athletic.

In reality, I think most Americans just don’t perceive a professional bodybuilder, like Dorian Yates or Ronnie Coleman, as an athlete.

Mainstream society will not accept bodybuilding until it changes its public image. I sell professional fitness equipment to white collar professionals. My biggest obstacle is the image/attitude that “fitness professionals” display. In general, but not always, people with fine physiques (gym rats) are qualified to be fence posts in the working world. If that is what getting fit is all about, not very many people will get involved. Take time to exercise more than your muscles! Speak well, write well, and don’t wear spandex everywhere you go in public. The tide will change. Also, profanity is a lazy man’s way of being emphatic.

Blood and Guts is as far as it gets in training. You see dorian (6 times mr 0) lift heavy weights for as much reps as possible.
He does to failure training, which makes the movie VERY MELODRAMATIC.

His effort is so good in there that it looks like he was impaled to the stick or something. It hurts that much.

If your training seems stale and boring. WATCH BLOOD AND GUTS.

It is NOT a pretty image where you seee a guy
smiling to the camera. He takes his training to extreme. No wonder his biceps/triceps are gone A.W.O.L.

Dorian is the most injured bodybuilder… Why? See the movie! His form is perfect, his effort is too much.

Easy boy, don’t make me call the pound.:slight_smile:

Respect? Who gives a F about “whiners”? Bodybuilding is about looks, football is about running with a ball in your hands across the field…

Everyone has different interests, and to be very good in something, some sacrifices must be made. So, ofcourse, if one has lots of muscle mass, one can’t be that good running after a football.

Why are people always trying to find something to complain about other peoples interests? I have found many times that these “whiners” lack of success, or enjoyment in life. And I mean real passion!

When you are good, happy or succesfull with your life, you live your own life. Not trying to put others down.

Ofcourse, opinions are sometimes important, but why bother whining all the time?

“Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one, and they stink” - Harry Callahan

Yeah, riiiight after I hit the “send” button I thought, “Wait a minute…doesn’t she …? Ooops!”

Sorry bud, didn't mean to encroach. :-) Sounds like you've got a good deal in your personal life right at the moment, though... [sigh]

Hmm…I don’t know if it’s just me, but most pro bodybuilders look like a bunch of circus freaks with too much muscles. They do not look attractive nor inspire me. When a person gets THAT huge, I just have to wonder if that person really did it without using drugs or was it all drug-induced. Of course, it may be that the person’s genetically talented. I don’t mind that as much since there are many people who are genetically gifted in many things, and it’s not their fault or whatever for being good at something naturally.

My two cents - Dorian Yates’ video is AWESOME! Anytime I am feeling unmotivated, I pop it in and am ready to rep. It’s a must have for any T-Man.

I could only really respect the early guys, such as Steeve Reeves, Franco Columbo.

No respect. Maybe a little respect for the Anrold/Zane era, because I think those guys looked good. No respect because I don’t consider bodybuilding an exceptionally difficult thing to do. Don’t get me wrong, its challenging, but your can teach any idiot to squat and mix protien shakes. You can’t teach any idiot quaterback instincts, or grant anyone the intellect it takes to become a doctor or to be a good father. Ok, “wow, big muscles”, but big muscles don’t automatically earn my respect.