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Here is a pic of one of the head rodents. In Rodentland, they equate steroids with crack, meth, and all sorts of actual dangerous drugs. In Rodentland, you’d think the rodents had more to worry about, what with war, crime, poverty, illiteracy and innumeracy. They worry about baseball players using steroids.

What are some other interesting things about Rodentland? Any other knowledgeable people want to help out?

+1. What can you do. This is the government’s way of diverting public attention from the real problems, which aren’t even close to being solved.

“war, crime, poverty, illiteracy and innumeracy”!!! Those aren’t important!!! Don’t you know steroids are making people Bald! Obviously Mr. Rodent is hell bent on stopping people from following in his horrible path!

Innumeracy. I like that word, and honestly never thought about using it before. At least I learned something as a result of the war on “drugs.”

He looks like an asshole.

He looks like an asshole.

I’m so glad my government’s so insanely focused on adult men getting big muscles and preserving the “integrity” of baseball. What a fucking miserable, ugly joke.

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If Congress really cared about this issue, they would just set a national steroid policy for all professional sports and be done with it. As it is, it’s just a dog and pony show.

Not to get too political here - but I think it is funny that so many people blame the Republicans for the crack down on AAS.

And who did MLB pick to do this $50 million investigation? One of the biggest yellow dog democrats in the last 60 years.

The biggest steroid crack down operations have been under a republican administration.

How did I choose the name Rodentland?

Rodents don’t like the bigger stronger animals. Rodents exercise by running until they have no muscle mass to speak of. In fact, rodents seem fascinated with emaciated marathon runners — yet when the runners die while running, they don’t think of banning marathons or holding hearings.

Yep, if you exercise like a rodent and look like a rodent, no one will question your integrity. That’s life in Rodentland.

I was going to say something else but I lost my train of thought staring at Inner Hulks avatar :slight_smile: Oh ya, Headhinter I like the whole Rodentland, marathon runner analogy… Umm…something like that…did anyone else notice Inner Hulks avatar…wow…I…like it…mmmm…what was this thread about again?

When Drs Ziegenfuss and Cohen, and Rick Collins and myself were representing the USFA and meeting with House and Senate staffers to try to lobby to protect prohormones, I really saw no practical difference between the parties in the matter. The Democrats seemed even more pro-legislation but had it been entirely in Republican hands the outcome, so far as I can tell, would have been exactly the same.

Among the staffers, the sharpest guy in the room and I thought he had an open mind as well as Democrat. However, the fact that there was no big money or power behind our position whereas there certainly was with the “anti-doping” crowd was a fact that hardly escaped him, or I suppose any of them.

As for the general “War on Drugs” that also is a folly of both parties equally.

Im just struck by the irony of the whole situation. If you watched the press conference and later interviews with Mitchel, the one thing he focused on more than anything was preventing teenagers from using. Claiming that kids would follow the example set by pro athletes and use steroids themselves…

Well when you come out with a comprehensive list of superior athletes who have used performance enhancing drugs effectively and plaster it on every news channel and sports show you might as well be marketing the shit. GNC would kill for that kind of advertising