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Rod Woodson: Hall of Fame DB


I finally found a tribute video. Probably the best DB ever. Faster than the rest, can tackle with the best, and let his work do the talking.


When he refused to re-sign with the Steelers I wanted to throwupI was so pissed off. Whenever his name came up in a conversation I always ended with that traitorous bastard. Then when he said,or strongly hinted he would go in as a Steeler,I finally forgave him. I'm sure he took my feelings into consideration when he made his choice.

That guy was one of a kind. Chuck Knoll didn't even bother to send a scout tolook at him...no way he's gonna be there when we pick. Saw him play twice. Glad he got a ring,too bad it was with the Ravens.

Great Video bud. I remember alot of those games,specially the monday night games against the Bills and those picks he got. It was also great to see Greg LLoyd. Read somewhere he used to come out to warm-up in the endzone and play catch with one of the trainers.

He would throw across the field and just gun it and after so many he would switch hands and continue throwing darts with his wrong hand. Few bricks short of a load though. Fucking staph infection fucked him up good.

Off to watch the pre-season game against the Redskins. Go black and gold.


He is one of the top DB, but in my opinion the best DB ever was Deion Sanders. As much as I hate him. He may not have been as physical as Rod but he could shut down half of the field and he was just a heads above all DB's.
But nevertheless Rod was greatness.


The dude was an animal, he graduated from high school in my area and was also a great hurdler in college.


You're out of your fricking mind. Rod Woodson was just as fast, just as agile, smarter, tougher, better tackler, and had the same cover skills.

Deon Sanders Rating:
Return Skills:98
Style and Flash: 92
Substance: 70

Rod Woodson Rating:
Speed: 98
Coverage: 98
Tackle: 93
Return skills:98
Style and Flash: 60

Also, Rod Woodson injured his knee while tackling a running back. This affected his speed, so he opted to play Safety. So even after being forced to another position, Rod Woodson was still a beast!


Are those stats from Madden? He was great but Deion was better. Rod woodson was a better tackler and tougher but Deion was better in all the other aspects. Injuries happen and to bad it did. But lets face he shut down whatever reciever he was covering plain and simple. Like I said I hate the guy but he really was awesome.


I must say he was a better all around defensive player than Deion but not the better DB.


Being a Niners fan, I'm partial towards Ronnie Lott. Anyone who would gladly have his finger cut off in order to play is alright in my book. Biased aside though, it's hard to think of any DB as great as Woodson was. Lott is the only guy I can think of who was as dominant as Woodson was at safety and CB.


He seems very graceful.


No, not Madden. Just the best way I convey to you how they compare. I used a rating system in speed, tackling, etc.

Dude, Rod Woodson garnered the same amount of respect. He doesn't have to dance when coming onto the field. Fuck Deion.


You'll have to excuse my hatred of Deion. People tend to remember stylish mother fuckers over guys with substance and better skills.


He is one of the last physical defensive backs left, he didn't just bang you, he would try to knock your head off.