Rod and Pin Setup For Power Racks?

Hi there,

I’m currently in the initial stages of planning the construction of a decent power rack.

I’ve been reading about safety/spotter pin designs and came across the following quote from Dave Tate:

"Safety pins - This is another thing that I have never understood. I have seen two types of pins over the years. The “over kill” pin and the “under kill” pin. The over kill pin is the one that weighs about 100 pounds and is solid as a rock. It is not your average steel rod but rather a large steel beam that wedges into the rack. While this set up will never bend, we can’t say the same about your bars! So much for that nice new squat bar you have. One missed lift and it is done, or better yet, a few sets of pin presses and you can say good by to your bench bar. The “under kill” set up is the small rod. Regardless of the rod used it will bend over time and you will find you are doing uneven extensions on your pin presses and uneven pulls on the pin pulls.

Fortunately, there is a better way. It is called a rod and pin set up. This way the pipe absorbs the shock of the bar and saves the pin and your bars."

Now his description of the “rod and pin set up” was, unfortunately, a little vague to me.

Would someone who owns an EliteFTS rack perhaps do me a huge favour and either photograph or describe to me exactly how this pin design works?

Also, I’d love to have an accurate measurement of the pins themselves and of the pin shafts.

Appreciate it!

Happy lifting.

  • Peter (South Africa)

There is a small diameter pin, probably about 1/2" then there is a 2" diameter pipe around it. When you change the height, you have to hold up the outer pipe, take the smalled pin out, then slide the pin through the first part of the rack, through the pipe, then through the back of the rack.

Damn, that sounds a lot more confusing than it really is…

Actually, that was perfectly clear (I think ^^).

Thanks Uncle Fester.

Last thing I need are reasonably accurate measurements of the safety pin shafts and of the pins themselves. Any takers? [charming grin…]