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Roc's Ride


Yeah, I just bought a fuckin hearse, I'm bout to take it to the body shop and get it painted up-( Crimson, of course) putting "Twyzted" in the back window then getting some speakers in that mofo ( enough to crack Tombstones and pop Breast Implants)

my boy does custom rims, so I'm bout to get some crosses on the wheels

This shit is bout to get Wycked- Pitch Black

Your Immortal


You are the creepiest person ever.


You went hearse-shopping in Minneapolis?

That picture was taken on the intersection of Hennepin and Lake Street, right outside Famous Dave's.


"One....One Hearse, Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Perfect wheels for a Count, my friend.


It'd be way, way, way cooler if you painted it white instead of crimson. And instead of "Twyzted" you put the ghostbusters logo on the back.

Just saying.


Now that shit's really fucked up you wierdo.


Well, at least I didn't tell him to go around wearing a jumpsuit and a proton pack the way I always do.

Wait... did you just call me a wierdo? Now why would you do a thing like that?


hmmm...i thought it was NE.

EDIT: your're right that's the Indian restaurant "Passage to India" with the red awning. Unfortunately now closed. :frowning:


Lol I'm sure a fair amount of death has been seen on that street... its all good


No, my bro was visiting and he paid half it for me as a birthday gift and sent me a picture of it. He's driving it to Ohio next week.


I'm glad you can understand, Iron One

can I ask, what type of transportation are you spoting these days?


Come on Count Schneider, I'm not gonna put an obese ghost on my ride

and the bike I want will be white with violent violet I want to switc up the colors of my whips every now and then ya know


Hey, plenty of space in the back to get yer fuck on


you know me too well CowBoy sixnine, you are a fellow Freak

Much Love Brother



I meant that in the nicest, most complimentary way.


I only associate with weirdos,freaks, and the original. So he's in the right place. He is my brother


just saying...2Pac does not get down with Insane Clown Posse.


Hey Count

Are you aware that big Will Harris is a vampire too?
Check it out.



Man, you should keep it black and just drive around blasting "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen.

I tried to get my dad to do that when wh was working for a funeral home, but there weren't any radios in the coffin wagons.