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Rocky VI?



Holy crap they are making another one?! I did some searching, as far as I can tell it seems to be legit. Some rumors floating around are that Ivan Drago is to train him, and everyones favorite hollywood musclehead, Vin Diesel is going to be his opponent.


"A white heavyweight champ?! Damn that Spielberg's something else."
-Chris Rock


Damn apparently making Rambo 4 too - who knew ?



I heard talks about that over a year ago now but I never knew anything more about it than the fact that they were going to do it.

I can't believe Stalone is almost 60!


The crazy thing is is that he could still play Rocky after 30 years since the oringinal. More props to him


I heard they are making "Rhinestone II" and "Oscar II"


I hear that the working title is:

Rocky VI: The Fight Against Gravity


They start filming in Los Angelas in December. Wonder who will make it back in the movie from the originals? Paulie? Adriane? I don't acknowledge Rocky V, since it was such a piece of garbage.


C'mon, the streetfight at the end was pretty badass. Almost made the movie worth it. And Sly's one liners..."why dont you try knockin me down now?"




I think you were thinking of

Cliffhanger II: The Fight Against Gravity

or at least that'd make more sense


I am really hoping to see Mrs. Drago make it back into the film.


Hey yo, the only good thing about rocky 5 was this line - c'mon punk, touch me and Ill sue.


if anyone has picked up Sly's muscle mag, each month he has like 3-4 pages of script from the movie in there. I picked it up the first month ne the movie opens with Sly visiting his son who is now and out of touch top business executive on the 1 year annversity of Adrian dieing of breast cancer. Thats all I remember.

Now if you go to yahoo movies they have a synopis of the movie and it basically if rocky needing money to open a rec center and it somehow leads him into a big money fight. Now in an issue of ESPN the magazine about 2 months ago they had a little blurd that Mr.T has signed on to reprise the role of clubber lang, this time as an annoucer

The hold up is that SLy can't get a major movie studio to back the project. But hopefully he would bring al lthe rocky characters back together. I hope i'm wrong about Adrian dying though, no applo, no mickey, and who really cares about Pauley?

FYI-did you know Rocky was suppose to die at the end of Rocky 5 after the street fight with Tommy Gun? Sly had orginial written that in that rocky woulf of been taken to the hospital after the street fight then adrian would of came out and told reports that"as long as you belive in yourself you can do antyhing"

But the movie exec's vetoed the idea in fear that no one would go see it


Yeah, a street fight where news reporters show up and broadcast it yet...not one fucking cop shows up.


Well I mean, it is a movie....

I was looking through Stallone's new workout book today. I was kind of dissapointed to see him doing smith machine military presses, leg curls, etc. and not one mention of squats or deadlifts. But either way, he is still impressive physically. The only way you can tell that he's an old bastard is by his skin, which can't be helped. See if he makes it as long as Jack Lalanne though.


I don't know man, old Bridgette Nielson is looking pretty rough these days.


I recently finished reading Stallones book and it was pretty interesting. He mentions something about his back being incredibly strong. He says that during one of his Rambo workouts he had to be strapped down to the Lat pulldown machine so that the incredible weight (something like 250+ lbs I think?)wouldnt snap him in half.

As for Rocky VI if it is like the scripts he wrote in SLY I dont expect a good movie.


I think he should continue to do Rocky movies forever:

Rocky VII Rocky Vs Arthritis

Rocky VIII Rocky Vs Cataracts

Rocky VIIII Rocky Vs Hip & Knee replacement

There is really no end to the franchise as his original audience from his first movie in 1976 will be able to relate to him through the years.

Okay, all kidding aside, good for him. may each of you look as good at 59 as that guy does!


You forgot Rocky IX - Rocky Vs Incontinence. I can picture him vividly doing kegels in a dungeon style gym, Eye of the Tiger blaring from the speakers...