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Rocky VI?

Yes, they’re thinking of making it. Weird since 1) Stallone is 55 (he was 30 in Rocky I), 2) Rocky V tanked, and 3) Stallone’s last movie, D-Tox, was released straight to video in the US. Now they want to make Rocky VI? And Sly is also supposed to be writing a new Rambo movie. I think Sly should just hang up his gloves and guns.

So how old was CLint Eastwood in his last Dirty Harry flick? With make-up science what it is today, I doubt you’d really see the difference, but you’d still KNOW how old he is. But if I remember right, Sly had said he wasn’t interested in going to the dietary (and supplement) extremes any more to do a role like Rocky or Rambo. Maybe he’s changed his mind.

Dead horse gets another wack.

Oh man!!! It’s still Rocky, how can you not love it. I hope they make the sixth installment, and wowork on another Rambo or two while they are at it. Rocky movies will live forever, because they are great, inspirational T-Man movies.

im getting the Rocky box set for christmas. its going to be the best christmas ever.

Lots of boxers fight well past their prime. Why not fictious boxers?

Personally, rathar than going for the 80s era big thriller lead role blockbuster part, I would like to see Stallone make special appearances in movies as sort of an “elder statesman,” type of role. But Rocky 6 and another Rambo will just make him more of a joke than anything. “Always leave them wanting more.”

I hope he trains for it like he has in the past. There is NOTHING more inspirational to me than a 5’5", 125 lb concentration camp looking, unintelligible, marginally talented washed up “almost was” in a role that is sure to be as memorable as waterworld or any movie starring SNL wash outs. I can almost curb the enthusiasm. There was a post regarding how to increase pain tolerance. This is POY-FECT.