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Rocky VI All Set to Go...




It almost has to be better than Rocky V.


I read the script. It's two hours of Sly telling stories about WW II and telling "those punk kids" to get off his lawn.


haha. that would still probably be better than Rocky V though.


You are not giving V enough credit. The concept was a good one. Morrisons acting stunk, but other than that there were some very good scenes. He and his real son for one. The fight at the end another.

Over all I thought V was better than IV. That was a contrived piece of crap. Plus I didn't like them killing off Apollo Creed.


Mocking Rocky V? You wanna throw hands, Tommy Gunn?


When did you stop talking about Rocky movies, and what movies are you talking about when you said this?

I know you can't be talking about Rocky V being better than Rocky IV.




Rocky IV was the best. I mean c'mon who didn't go out and jog around their neighborhood in the snow after watching it?


No kidding.

Zeb, while some may have already questioned it (not saying I did), I think you just completely destroyed your credibility:).

take care


rocky 5- I agree had some good scenes but the movie as a whole sucked...and I am fan..

rocky 4- was not an oscar winner by no means....but I think with stallone writing, directing and starring in it he was able to acheive exactly what he was going for...kind of a comic book action movie 'ala rambo 2 vs first blood'......it was also the highest grossing of the 5 aswell.....


Rocky 1 and Rocky 5 are the best for me. I liked 5 as it went back to him being poor, back to the basics and all...plus it was kind of a commentary on Don King and how he's fucked boxers over.