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Rocky Road Metabolic Drive Bars


I wanted to start a new thread after the whole debacle in the other thread over 19 g of protein vs. 23 g of protein etc. etc.

Just received my first box of the Rocky Road Bars today, and let me say, these things are fantastic.

Fuck a few less grams of protein (which in my opinion is a really silly complaint) these are the best tasting protein bar I have ever had.

Give them a try! Great stuff, Biotest.

-the boomster


Incase TC reads this. I placed 2 big orders a while back to get some powders, supps and then the free bars came out...so I had to get those too, of course. I wont be needing to order for a while...how long are these bars going to last?


At our current rate of sale, Metabolic Drive Rocky Road Protein Bars should be available for at least several more weeks.

I you like them as much as I do, buy extra cases and freeze them so they will stay fresh.


Wait a minute! Are they getting canned?


No, but as previously stated we do plan to rotate flavors.


I agree, I just had one and it is easily the best tasting bar I've tried.

Why eliminate flavors?

I understand introducing flavors, but why axe a favorite?


im assuming because it costs too much money for them to be buying supplies for multiple flavors


No, but because all protein bars are perishable items and we want our supplies to remain as fresh as possible.


Again, we do not plan on eliminating any of our best sellers. It's just that we will not stock them all at the same time because we want you to get fresh bars everytime you order from us.

Many of us who have purchased protein bars prior to GROW! and Metabolic Drive bars have undoubtedly walked out of a store and gotten home only to realize that one or more of the bars just purchased had gone skunky. This is one of the things that happens when protein bars sit for too long.

If you really like a particular flavor, simply buy a couple of extra boxes and toss them in the freezer. This way they will stay fresher and you'll have them as back up in the event we do not have that flavor for a month.


What in god's name is "Rocky Road" flavour?

Is it a US thing?


But what does it taste of?
What makes up a rocky road bar?

Is it fruity? (oooh-err)
Is it chocolatey?
Is it nutty?


Typically its Chocolate Marshmallow and Almonds


Chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows.


I believe Rocky Road traditionally has walnuts, not almonds.


Just for the record...My 2 month old chocolate chunk and PBCrunch bars are still fresh as the day they were produced.

Hopefully Rocky Road is still in stock when I want to order again!


That or Pecans, although I bet it would taste better with Almonds. Really most Rocky Road recipes just call for "nuts", meaning you could use whatever you wanted.

As for the flavor rotation idea. I really like this, but some advance notice on the changes would be nice, if doable. Some of us only order once or twice a month and would hate to miss any flavors. We need to be able to order some to try them so we then have time to order more to freeze. If that makes sense.

My "Cookies N' Cream" flavor idea from the other thread is a winner, trust me. Apple Pie would suck. You can't do anything with fruit in it.

On another idea Brian- any plans to expand the Metabolic Drive MRP flavors? A Rocky Road in that would be great too.


Flavors like rocky road and cookies and cream do not work well for MRPs and protein powders because the pieces fall to the bottom once they are mixed with liquid.

Still, we're always experimenting with new flavors, so you never know what might be around the corner.


Well it would give you something to chew when you are done...


OMG received my order yesterday of the Rocky Road Flavor and had my first 2/3 bar for my first breakfast. No kidding, FANTASTIC flavor. The BEST flavor of all bars on the market by far!!! Far better than expected.

And Kudos to Biotest Customer Service. The bars came in just a couple of days, thank you for the fabulous service!!

How much longer will the Rocky Road flavor be available? I'd like to order more...


[quote]Mod Brian wrote:
At our current rate of sale, Metabolic Drive Rocky Road Protein Bars should be available for at least several more weeks.

Ok, this answers my question... Thank you Biotest for an awesome bar!!!!!