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Rocky Road Metabolic Drive Bars?


What's this? New flavor? Rocky Road bars? What's next?


I bet it'll be something with creatine...


No more chocolate chunk or peanut butter in the store anymore. Neither is listed as out of stock either, just gone. I'm sure the Rocky Road are great though.


I didn't care for peanut butter, but chocolate chunk was too damn good. I hope they bring it back.


Are the nutrition facts on the rocky road the same as for the chocolate? I loved the chocolate but already they were getting too sweet when they added the chuncks...I wouldn't want any more sugar added for marshmallow or whatever....


I wonder why they also decided to drop the amount of bars in the box? I did a math comparison and the new box will run you $.03 extra a bar for a wopping grand total of .36 cents a box. I might pick up a few to try them out, still far cheaper than the other brands out there.