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Rocky Mountain State Games-Who's lifting?


July 30 & 31st. Powerlifting/weighlifting at the NSCA home gym in Colo.Springs.

Any other T-Nationers lifting here? Should be cool!

Train hard everybody.


So 90 views in 20 days, and nobody has posted a reply?
Are there no other local guys and gals lifting at this event?
Is no one able or allowed to post?

I find this hard to believe, for the second time here.


Z-man: This meet has historically been very tiny (30-50 lifters total spread out over two days) and drew many first-timers and crossfitters who wanted to give PLing a try. It’s only been in the last year or two that the landscape has changed and the meet has drawn a fair number of participants. I know a few people competing but none of them is active here on TNation.


Right, right…we shall see :slight_smile: