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Rocky Marciano


The power of his guy amazes me. Awesome clip.


Great clip. Talk about a guys that could generate power and take the angles. He was one of a kind.


I thought he was the best ever. I know the new guys might be faster and stronger, but I'm sure he would handle them id he came up at the same time.


Tough as nails for sure.


i disagree, i would agree with you if fights were still 15 rounds though


I have some video of him, like 20 fights or so. The guy was amazing!


Fucking You Tube, I swear that is the best thing since google.

Anyway, little known secret, rocky marciano's fighting technique is pure gracie jujitsu. ZhooZitsu!!!!!!

Kidding kidding :slightly_smiling:


Sometimes when I see him punch I don't see where he generated the power from, but he knocks guys out. Not that he is in the same class of boxing as Marciano, but Chuck Lidell has knock out power and it doesn't look like he is punching that hard. Awesome!!!


No way Marciano was the best ever. Marciano never had any real competition. A way past his prime Joe Lewis went 8 rounds with him. He's no Ali who defeated Liston, Frazier and Foreman,


i was basically raised on boxing- i remember my dad watching ali tapes over and over again. so its funny if you ask me a phrase I remember from my childhood it's...

"Down goes Frasier Down goes Frasier!!"


I think Marciano could be just as dominate in any era. Tyson came up just like he did, Lights from the start. If its true that he knew bjj I wish I could've seen him really throw down. He'd redefine the term pitbull and make Arlovsky look like a lap dog.


The Gracie Jiu Jitsu reference WAS A JOKE... BJJ was barely in existence when Marciano was a champ.



It's tough to compare different eras, but I think some of these greats would ahve done just as well now, if they came up now. Better nutrition, training etc. I don't think the human body has changed much in 50-60 years.


No way man. Everyone who fought him said that they had never seen anything like him, and his power was unbelievable.

I believe he would have beaten Ali- Marciano's swarming style and cement chin would have run Ali down and dropped him in the 14th or 15th.

On a side note, I really wish they went back to 15 rounds. That seperated the men from the champions.


undoubtably marciano would own ali, no question. Marciano was an enigma, training with 300 pound heavy bags, doing hundreds of push ups and dozens of pull ups a day, he also used to box under water, something that he swore by when it came to punching power. He also studied dempseys book on punching power about generating punching power from the spring step, falling step etc

check it out here



He beat Joe Louis's ass!!!!!!!!


That has always been an interesting question.

Could Ali have beaten Marciano in his prime?

Let's look at a very similar fighter to Marciano that did fight Ali, Joe Frazier. Joe's style was very similar to marciano and they also had very similar builds. Joe Frazier did in fact run Ali down in their first fight. Not only winning the fight but actually knocking Ali down in one of the rounds.

And some say that Frazier also won one of their other fights. It was given to Ali however. If nothing else it was certainly a close match.

Here is where it gets interesting. Frazier while having a similar style to Marciano really only had one dangerous weapon, a left hook. Fraziers left hook was the best in the business, his right hand, by his own admission was nothing special.

Rocky Marciano on the other hand had power in either hand. He put many people to sleep with both his right and left hands and from very odd angles.

With the above stated I have to agree with you on this Irish. Rocky Marciano would have run Ali down and beaten him. However, because Ali was such a great champion I'm sure it would have been a real war.


"Joe Louis was 76 years old!"

"Rocky Marciano, Rocky Marciano, why is it everytime I start talking about boxing some white guy has to pull Rocky Marciano out of his ass?!"


I seriously DOUBT Marciano can beat Ali. And also, the guys today have more natural talent than the past fighters simply because of bigger pool of fighters to draw from. I do however, admire Marciano's intensity and being able to dominate the game during his time despite being pretty much the smallest guy. I bet he would be perfect for today's MMA fights in his weight class.


Marciano was one of the best. Why you need to bring color into the equation means only one thing....and it's not good.

Joe Louis was 37 years old when he fought Marciano, certainly past his prime. But then again every fighter who has been around a while fights some who are older than he is.

Title fights:

Dempsey was 13 years younger than Willard

James J. Jefferies was 12 years younger than Bob Fitzsimmons

Louis was 12 years younger than Braddock

Ali was 10 years younger than Liston{b]Did people say that Ali only won because he fought an older man? [/b]

Holmes was 6 years younger than Norton

Spinks was 11 years younger than Ali

Tyson was 14 years younger than Trevor Berbick (WBC Champion)

Tyson was 12 years younger than James "Bonecrusher" Smith (WBA Champion)

Jim Corbett was 8 years younger than John L. Sullivan

Non-title fights:

Ali was 19 years younger than Archie Moore!!!

Patterson was 21 years younger than Archie Moore!!!!

Joe Louis was 9 years younger than Max Schmelling.

Louis was 12 years younger than Jack Sharkey

Ali was 8 years younger than Henry Cooper

Ali was 7 years younger than Patterson