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Rocky.....I Can't Wait


Inspirational to see an old fuck like Stallone doing this.

Oohhhh....its coming...I can't wait.


Fuck yeah! Kicking ass into his 50's...I can't wait either.


Damn good video to watch before I go work out today.


Nice GHR with keg! Not a fan of doing snatches with those cables though..not really sure if they have the same effect as a real snatch lift.

He's kept in shape very well, esp compared to people like Schwarzenegger.


hell yeah. I love the rocky series! this is gonna rock!


Damn I can't believe I first saw Rocky I in 1977...and now Rocky VI...I love the Rocky series too and looking forward to this one..."Ya know what I mean?"...



should be out in Nov or dec I heard..

I hope Sony does not screw with SLY...on the final editing and promo for the release....

here's the teaser if you have not seen it already...

so so in my opinion..but im sure we will get a good trailer in a couple more months...


Thats what I'm saying. If thats not insprirational, I don't know what is.


That guy has been trainig longer than ive been alive! Now i really cant wait to get in the gym today!!!


I just hope it's better than Rocky 5. That movie was horrible.


I just hope it's done right. I think Stallone originally wanted Rocky to die in the ring for Rocky 5. The studio squashed the idea. I love when the hero dies, so I am hoping the franchise is ended the way he intended it to end.

If that happens, I will shed a tear or two then I will go home and watch Eddy Murphy's Raw and laugh it all away...Alright Rocko...I'll have the jujubee's...

I do wonder if I have any tears left for any boxing movie after watching Million Dollar Baby. What a kick in the nuts that movie was.


Is that a Rocky promo or a Contender Tv Show promo>

Either way it's impressive stuff!

I wouldn't mind seeing a Stallone Training DVD.


The workout one is just freakin badass... with all the voices and and everything, freakin sweet video, thanks for sharing.


I'm pretty sure it's got nothing to do with the movie or the show. It's a fan film; it even says "Edit by..." something or other at the end of the video. Honestly, it looks more like a promotion for his InStone supplement line than anything.

All that being said, the video is fucking badass. Reminds me of the training montages from the movies, namely the one from Rocky IV. Seeing Rock and Drago go balls to the wall with their training jacks me up every time. I hope VI returns the series to its roots.

I wonder if T-mag would ever be interested in doing an interview/article with Stallone about his training/supplement ideas, how he got started in all of it, etc...I know he has a book, "Sly Moves", but I still think an interview would be cool. Somehow I doubt it will happen, because they have competing supplement lines, but damn that'd be cool.


I read the book he put out- the stuff about how he trained for the movies was really interesting.

He claimed that he overtrained ridiculously for First Blood part II, which I thought odd because of how he looked in those movies. He also wrote alot about the Rocky movies obviously.

I read the book in the bookstore though, so I don't remember some of the other shit.


It's not a trailer for the movie. I've seen it before as a promo ad for InStone nutrition, except without the Rocky theme playing. Cool vid though.



I was going to scoff at this with a hearty yeah right...until I watched the clips. I don't think I blinked. I look over from my desk, look at my gym clothes.....
OH FUCK YEAH! can't wait. Band cleans??
Does anyone know where I can get the handles that he uses for chins? I will have to order them to get them. I am in Iraq. My wish is for handles like those for cable crossovers but have changeable grips of various diameters. Ones with hooks at the top so I can freely adjust the distance between handles.


That is damn impressive. Most guys that age (especially celebs) do nothing but machine training or swiss ball work. That was some intense shit. I don't care what anyone says, that is tough training for any age. I have a lot more respect for him, even if his supplements suck!


They really don't know when to stop do they? It's been downhill since RockyII


That's the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard... in regards to Rocky movies at least.

Rocky II, III, and IV are all very debatable in regards to which one is the best.

My personal vote goes from greatest to least as: III, II, IV, I, V

You're out of your mind if you think Rocky III and IV were "downhill" movies...