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Rockula's Cycle


Y'all know I've been injured for a while now, and havent been able to get into the gym in a long time, so I came up with this crazy idea to use a hormone to get back into my groove, now i'm not evr gonna use gear again after this, I just want to regain some of the ground i've been losing, i'm gonna be clered to lift in about a month and i'm gonna work my way back into my usual routine for about a month then i'm gonna run this

For my cycle I'm gonna be using BeastDrol/Unleashe and for PCT I'm using endoAmp Max, Sustain Alpha, Toco-8

I'm doing 4 weeks of 20 mg a day, followed by the pct for a total of 8 weeks

a question is, is there anything I can use to beter ensure that I'm safe coming off,like any other supps I can take to to prevent sides

and what kind of sides might I expect from this cycle?

any advice,tips, pictures of naked chicks will be much appreciated


What exactly is what? I'm lost mate.


It appears beastdrol = 2 alpha, 17a-Dimethyl-17B-hydroxy-5 alpha-androstan-3-one

So basically a superdrol clone. Use a real PCT if you are going to run superdrol (i.e. nolvadex) and not that OTC bullshit. Read more about Superdrol to find out what sides may occur.


That "TRS" PCT protocol is being pimped pretty hard these days by the manufacturer. Don't be a guinea pig, especially running superdrol. Might not be an issue with something mild like hdrol, but superdrol can definitely mess you.

Use a SERM, as waldo wrote. Run that sustain alpha etc... in addition to the SERM if you want to, but don't rely on it. After hundreds of people have used that PCT without problem, and unbiased, PUBLISHED bloodwork, then feel free to re-think things if you must.


yea, I think I'm going to hit the Nolva, I dont know why I fell for the hyped up ads, thanks for pointing me in the right direction cheif


GOD DAYUM! Girl is down low! With that off my chest, Rockula you will need a SERM. Namely Nolva. A typical 40,40,20,10 should do you just fine. Don't buy into the ads only chumpawombas do that. HOLLA!


Yes bro, use a real PCT. Superdrol is not joke. I have used the bestdrol version when it came out just a couple months ago and it was strong shit. Gott be on your A game with PCT. I gained tons of lean mas and my strengh was way up. I love this stuff.


About to start my first cycle and was considering TRS, but had the same concerns you brought up.

The manufacturer actually says that low dose SERM with their product creates "synergies" that make PCT more successful.

I'm about to start a cycle with h-drol. Planning to use Post Cycle Support, Formex and Torem for my SERM. Still undecided on the TRS stack. Do you think I should take the regular dose of Torem or can I get away with just 20-40mg?



You dont need to spend the money on their PCT crap. Stick with Nolva, or even better, Torm. Clomid would be fine too and has some fun 'sides'.


Hdrol is certainly mild but you don't want to go too low with Torem, particularly initially. I know that it can be a pain to stretch a 30ml bottle through a 4 week PCT and all that, but start high and taper down.

Don't go too crazy with the formex. I've only read a little about it & can't say that I'm any sort of authority on its effectiveness, but you want to be careful and avoid knocking your estrogen levels too low during recovery. Offhand I'd recommend that if you use something like that you wait at least a couple of weeks into PCT before starting it (so that your T has started to recover nicely) and then start to taper it down after you've finished your torem.

As for TRS, it sounds great in theory and it'd be nice to have a fully legit and safe PCT methodology but I think that some of the claims made are not on very solid footing.