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Rockscar at 47 on Keto


48 in a month.

Lately been doing a low carb diet and dumped 34 lbs. I’m currently 5’6.8” BP 112/64. 12-13% BF and very happy spiritually, emotionally etc. gave up any and all drink 6 years ago and any and all supplements.

Meat and veggies.

Very maintain like 2 day push/pull split. Gave up the bulk obsession and happier and healthier for it I know I don’t live here like I used to, but it’s nice to check in!!!


I actually can’t believe you’re posting here again if you’re the guy I’m remembering.

Welcome back, not many of the old guard around but you’ll recognize a few of us still


Yep same guy who was running around her in the mid to late 2000’s