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Rockscar at 47 on Keto

48 in a month.

Lately been doing a low carb diet and dumped 34 lbs. I’m currently 5’6.8” BP 112/64. 12-13% BF and very happy spiritually, emotionally etc. gave up any and all drink 6 years ago and any and all supplements.

Meat and veggies.

Very maintain like 2 day push/pull split. Gave up the bulk obsession and happier and healthier for it I know I don’t live here like I used to, but it’s nice to check in!!!


I actually can’t believe you’re posting here again if you’re the guy I’m remembering.

Welcome back, not many of the old guard around but you’ll recognize a few of us still

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Yep same guy who was running around her in the mid to late 2000’s

Wow, blast from the past! Wasn’t it you with one of the first of the “sexy wives and girlfriends” photos in SAMA?

Congrats on cleaning up, and good luck going forward. Sounds like your head is straight.

Hi EmilyQ, yep, same same. Thank you.