Rocks Off

Wow, is all I can say right now

I went from 305 to 320ish in a month (leaned up alot)
the shit was fierce

I put 40 pounds on my Hang Clean 1RM from 360 to 395/405 ish
added 7 reps to my A2G squats of 315 from 15 to 20 easily then one forced and an assited
The Pullover Floor Press( my baby for chest) went from 180 unassisted to 225 with some help on reps 6-8 on 8 rep sets

The problem I ran into though came in the cardio room I couldnt really catch wind during the cycle so I was only able to hit 20 minute sessions while I was on. During the second week I did notice a little apathetic feeling and called off work that whole week ( I work for myself so its not a big deal , i just owe my clients a free week)

Sleeping was a big problem too- I either would sleep all day and only have time for the gym or not be able to sleep because I’d be having sick dreams about side effects from ph

my diet was pretty clean high in fats got to the point where I was taking shots of olive oil a few times a day

my protein topped out at 625 per day
My cals went from
in weeks 1-4

I found a doc to get the pct (some quack, gotta love him tho)

so i’m just wrapping up the pct now

i’m using creatine mono milkthistle and nolva

The supps I threw in were

Red Rice Yeast
Celery Seed
Hawthorn Berry
Mlk THistle
and the ZMA

I’m gonna recoop for the summer then in september I’m gonna have a go at the Velocity Diet
I’m planning on using another cycle sometime this winter called Katanadrol (another superdrol designer)