Rockandrollsoul's Training Log

  High Box Jump 3 x 3

I’m not sure how high the box was, but it was high enough. My intention was to do 6 x 3 but my coach stopped me. Apparently, he’s not aloud to let anybody do any box jumping at Lost Battallion Hall because of the “danger” (as if throwing 1.5 x your body weight overhead is safe). It’s not his fault. I’ll just have to find some other substitution that doesn’t involve a box.

40kg x 3
50kg x 2
60kg x 2
65kg x 2
70kg x 2 (PR Double! Roughly bodyweight.)
75kg x 1
80kg x 1
82.5kg x 1 (PR!)
85kg x MISS (Bent arms during first pull.)
85kg x MISS (This was VERY close. I think the only reason I missed it was because I was to tired to move completely underneath it.)

Snatch Pull
85kg x 3
85kg x 3
85kg x 3
85kg x 3
85kg x 3

Overhead Squat
45kg x 8
50kg x 8
This sucked. It doesn’t make any sense to do these for reps. It just kills the wrist and isn’t challenging enough for the legs. Aborted last set.

60lbs (x2) x 8/side
60lbs (x2) x 6/side
This also sucked. More challenging on grip than anything. Aborted last set.

30kg x 30sec.
35kg x 30sec.
45kg x 30sec.
This is my new favorite accessory exercise. I had done it before, but never with weight. By the time I get up to 100kg, I’ll be a stability beast.