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Rock Star: INXS


This show is pretty stupid, but holy shit Brooke Burke is smokin hot. A couple of the contestants aren't too bad either, but Brooke is just awesome.


brooke burke has been an obession of mine since the first season of wild on...

that said she's married to a plastic surgeon so don't put too much into her hotness.


Brooke is one of my favorites! Ridiculously hot. That one blond girl is pretty hot too. She's definitely got a stripper-esque quality to her. I like the show ok. Some of the contestants have pretty good voices.


Dude, don't ruin it. The way I look at it, any upkeep that's been done is just maintenance. She looks just as she always did. She doesn't have the freaky look of some of these surgically enhanced, age-phobic women. Her boobs are fake. But that's ok!


Yeah, there are a couple that are hot, there was a brunette who sang an Eagles song that looked pretty good. But then the camera went back to Brooke and I forgot what the other chick even looked like.

And I agree with the "maintenance" thing too. Good work if that's what it is. But no surgeon in the world could create something like that without a hell of a base to start with. I used to watch Wild On just to see her, when she left I quit watching it.


My yes...yes it is.


I haven't actually watched the show as I think it's an absolutely ridiculous premise. But is Dave Navaro on it?