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Rock of Love

Anybdoy watched this? Im not really into Reality shows but this one is fantastic. Its sorta like Flavor of Love except instead of a crusty looking Flavor Flav,they got a very awesome Bret Michaels. Hot chicks too! I suggest you guys tuned in atleast for a couple of minuetes,very awesome.

Wow great. We get to see a washed up glam rocker get rewarded for his lack of talent in life, all the while passing strains of HIV’s to stupid would be strippers/Hooters waitresses.

VH1: helping to create the future world of “Idiocracy”

I dont know,Erin is hot. Even if she had clown boobs.

I must say i like this show. I caught the first episode and the phone sex episode while nursing a hang over yesterday.

The reality tv, searching for love bs is pretty gay but:

drunk strippers in lingerie and thongs + fake orgasms on tv + brett michaels’ truly funny comments bashing the sluts = great tv.

Would it be wrong to choose a girl I hope he picks? Because i would say the one with pink high lights that was tossed in to the pool. She is on the B-team i believe. I can’t remember her name.

Of course he should bang them all while they are around and pass them to his buddy as they are eliminated however.