Rock Climbing

Does anyone here rock climb at all? I was thinking about going and getting a membership at the climbing gym place near my house…for those who do, have you found that it has improved your physique and strength?

I’ve only been twice in my life, and both times were about 6 years ago, but I can STILL remember how sore my arms were for over a week afterward. I can feel the pain as if it were yesterday. So for a guy wanting to throw in a little upper-body-building fun, would anyone out there give a yay or nay to rock-climbing?

I use the electric wall for my cardio, you wanna talk about an unreal amount of exertion! forearms look like tree trunks too!

I tried it and liked it, but because I am pretty bulky - my potential is pretty limited. The extra muscle weight hampers the ability to hang for long periods. I’d do much better if I had a super strong grip (mine’s not bad), had long arms and I was very, very lean. As it is, I have short, muscled arms which doesn’t do much good in that sport. Maybe if I climbed with other bodybuilders it would be more enjoyable, but the skinny guys left me behind!

sorry for my ignorance, but what’s the “electric wall” robusto?

Climbing is one my favorite things to do! It will DEFINITELY improve your functional strength, since you will be forcing your body to move in very awkward positions at times. Also, keep in mind what Katana said. A bodybuilder-type physique will never be able to “beat” a skinny guy at climbing. So…check your ego at the door and understand it will help a LOT, especially for the forearms, grip, back, and abs. It also helps to increase flexibility. Hope this helps!

the electric wall is a actual rock wall that rotates on a pulley system, it bascically turns in a circle over and over again so you are endlessly climbing. the rate it turns is based on a rope that is tied to your belay harness, when you are moving quickly the wall speeds up, when you start to struggle (which you will) it slows down. 10 minutes on this is agonizing, yet really fun

on a sidenote, I usually do the turning wall after I have had my fill of rock climbing for enjoyment that day, kind of as a finisher to hit it hard and go home. it improves everything, speed strenght, and endurance so the next rock climbing bout is a bit less tedious and I can reach new heights (no pun intended)

Rock climbing is one of my favorite pastimes. It is a great workout that will reinforce the need for functional strength. In faith, Coach Davies

BTW, it’s actual name is a tread wall

I always wanted to try rock climing…well until I saw “Vertical Limit”. Plus I’m not big on heights. Actually I still want to try it.

To Coach Davies or anyone who knows
Sometime ago you wrote some replies in a tread similery to this about how a person should train for rock climbing. How can I get hold of those answears ?
I feel like so many in this forum that we shouldn´t bother people (Especial someone who takes the time and answear allmost all questions) with the same questions over and over again so if I can´t get hold of the original post it´s my loss.