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Rock Climbing + Weight Training = ???

My main goal is to improve strength for wrestling. Climbing stresses your back, biceps & forearms just like wrestling (Wretlers also need beastly legs which climbers dont have).

I plan to rock climb, Monday, Wednsday, and Thursday.

So I was thinking my split could be


What do you all think about incorporating rock climbing into a workout scheme with the intention of getting in better shape for wrestling?

Avoid training your upper body the day before/ day after you climb. Also, start out with one or two days of climbing a week–you’ll be intensely sore. :slight_smile: For the first few weeks, schedule new climbing workouts and upper body workouts around that soreness.

If you want to be a better wreslter, you should practice wrestling. A lot.

This is not to say that the skills you pick up climbing won’t help you out in the circle, only that they won’t help you out as much as improving in the actual sport.

However, climbing for it’s own sake is definitely worth doing. It’s fun and will get you in bad-ass shape.

And yes, you will develop an amazing amount of grip stength.

Hope his helps!