rock and roll?

There seems to be a post about what music everyone listens to about every two weeks, and it seems that most listen to the same kind of music (heavy metal and rap.) I was wondering if there are any t-members out there who think that the music of today is, on the whole, horrible and that the only good music came from the 60’s, 70’s, and some 80’s?

So basically, does anyone still get the Led out? (or the Stones, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Allman Bros, Eagles, CCR, Police, The Who, SMB, Hendrix, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Three Dog Night, Aerosmith, The Boss, The Guess Who, The Doors, Queen, Eric Clapton, The Velvet Underground, Simon and Garfunkle(mostly simon though) The Dead and so many more.)

Disclaimer: there are som notable excepions to the statement that all bands today suck, ex. White Stripes, U2, Belle and Sebastian, Radiohead, outkast and some others. So what I mean when I say that all bands today suck, I am talking about the VAST majority of what you hear on the radio.

btw sticky fingers &%#@ING rocks

i agree… 'cept for 80’s…

disco music is cool


(ps. dont hate)

I am all about the punk… and since radio largey ignores that genre, I havent turned one on in almost a year. But I do think that today’s music is absolutely trash with all the lyrical intelligence of a jar of mayonaise.

“So basically, does anyone still get the Led out? (or the Stones, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Allman Bros, Eagles, CCR, Police, The Who, SMB, Hendrix, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Three Dog Night, Aerosmith, The Boss, The Guess Who, The Doors, Queen, Eric Clapton, The Velvet Underground, Simon and Garfunkle(mostly simon though) The Dead and so many more.)”

Indeed, most of what you mentioned are fantastic. I was just watching my "How the West Was Won" Led Zeppelin DVD. Worth every penny. I've also been on a Floyd kick as of late. "Have a Cigar", oh yeah, good times!

By and large, the music played today on the airwaves is atrocious. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any musician or band that has caught my attention.

Thank Elvis for classic rock stations!

Dustin (I'm 23, but I think was born in the wrong time period.)

i agree with you. I don’t listen to much of today’s music execpt for the bands you listed…and the strokes.

Don`t you find it bizarre that, as the years go by, we find ourselves saying the same things our dads said?

Must be a psychological phenomenon. The best was always back then phenomenon, the our bands were far cooler, the we listened to real music back then phenomenon.

Must be that unconscious longing for certitude. Or just a neural net thing.

Back then, when you were 16, and the only thing you knew was Band X, how could you not think Band X was the shit? You had nothing to compare it to, thus your experience of conviction/satisfaction could not be diluted or compared. And the newness factor…ahh…I guess it`s like a drug addict said:

Savor that first time fully. You`ll spend the rest of your life trying to relive it.

Must be the same thing in music.

But theres hope. Just <i>stop</i> listening to Band X for a couple of years. If you truly forget them, next time youll pop in that CD, it will almost feel as good as the first time.

Sure works for me. :0)

I have been on a HUGE Doors kick for the past hmmm 6 months or so, I love alot of the bands you mentioned,and also agree with you about todays music i mostly sucks and there are not that many bands that will be truely remembered 25+ years from now…

Yup that’s all I pretty much listen to nowadays is the 70’s and 80’s rock since I discovered it a couple years ago. I really like Poison’s greatest hits, Skid Row’s greatest hits, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Zeppelin, ACDC, GNR, Motley Crue, DEf leopard, VAn Halen, and some of the one’s you listed. I think Kid Rock is pretty good too actually, i’m a hick though so that might explain it. I don’t really like the new rap stuff, but the old stuff like my ABove the Rim soundtrack is good stuff.

o yeah, I don’t know if the Essential Steve earle cd counts as rock, but it’s kinda country/rock, and I sure likes Guitar Town, Copperhead road and Hillbilly Highway.

DAN C…there is validity…to a point…at what you are getting at. Although I would say that I had ONE favorite band in high school…RUSH…it wasn’t that I didn’t hear other music being played. But as a person who played in concert and marching band in high school…I found their music more complex and interesting to listen to than the “redundant” chords of someone like AC/DC; who was “popular” at the time.

In general, my perception is that musicians today can’t seem to recreate what was thought of already musically. Of course it depends on what you are listening to…but it seems there was a golden age of rock music where creativity and harmony flowed. It seems to be more “recycled” rubbish these days.
Since the “electric guitar” symbolizes rock and roll…only people who REALLY play the instrument…like Joe Satriani…Vai…etc…put out anything really musically interesting. Of course…if one doesn’t read sheet music or really listen in detail…then my point is mute. If one’s measure is just a song that you can “snap your fingers too…or bob your head”…then there is probably plenty of that schlock around.

I’m a big Rush fan right now. Also I like Zeppelin and The Who. As far as modern music goes I listen to Dream Theater.

Crazy people, todays music is amazing. How can you not love bands like sevendust, noise therapy, three days grace, tool, incubus, jack johnson, dave mathews band (not david good band).

Old can be good… ACDC rocks but the new stuff truly kicks a lot of the old stuffs ass… and who wants to listen to oldies when they are pushing weight?

Yeah, the GOOD old days!! Don’t forget Black Sabbath (w. Ozzy as singer) and Slade. Two of my old favorites. Hawkwind were great too.

Twisted Local…to each his own, but I am going to have to disagree with you about the bands of today kicking anyone’s ass. What we call “rock” today is pretty pathetic. BTW I am 19, so I’m not nastalgic(sp?) about anything, I just know good music when I hear it.

When looking at modern “music” I try to imagine 20 years from now the person or group performing for their more mature audience. People flock to see the Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Prince, etc… Yet I cannot imagine it being the same for most artists today.

Who today is having the impact of a Pink Floyd?

I see to little today that I would truly call creative. Much of the music is generic. Some of it seems designed only for raves. You could just put on a drum machine repeating the same beat for 3 hours and nobody would even notice. Then there is music where everyone just seems like they don’t actually care, and are not going to even try. The modern evolution of grunge. Actually I never liked much of the grunge of the 90’s. The only one that could do it right was Cobain.

I like music from the 50’s to today, (and before that,) and there is a lot of music from these times I don’t like. But most of the music I disliked, I at least respected. I recognized that it was my taste in music that affected my like or dislike. But a lot of the recent stuff, it just seems like they are not trying, and the popular songs are by people who have little talent.

Ok, my rant is over.

Gotta reply. I remember when Jimmy Hendrix was alive and gas was 25 cents a gallon when I had my first car. Had a opportunity to see the Beatles, but my parents wouldn’t let me. So I was teenager during your so-called glory days of rock. I was a big Led Zepplin fan and loved hard rock. However, I got over it. My music tastes have changed through the years as music has. I have heard enough Led Zepplin in my life and don’t wish to hear anymore. I wish the Rolling Stones would just retire already and I never did like Ozzy. I now prefer the likes of Tool, The Crystal Method, Korn, The Union Underground, Rob Zombie and the Methods of Mayhem. The nastier the better - great training music. Oh…and I’m female.

Slightly off-topic: How do you tag Linkin` Park?

They just keep pumping hit after hit after hit after hit after hit.

And there`s nothing out there similar.

Dont get me wrong. Dream Theater, Satriani, Pantera, 311, and tons of we have our own unique sound`, classic or not, fit my definition of a true artist. Even within this cast, my respect goes highest to artists who do it all: author, composer, performer/interpreter.

Which is the total opposite of a Celine Dion, who just howls everyone else`s songs. Marketing Machine Success: 100%. Artist (in my definition): 0%

I really wish that the music today had more promise than it is currently showing. I like a lot of the bands you mentioned, like the Grateful fuckin’ Dead, Floyd, Rush , Zep, etc., but I also like some newer band like Alice in Chains, Pantara, Nirvana. I think we are currentely in a lull with music. It is so incredibly corperate and unimaginative it offends me. I think 2003 was the worst year for music that I have ever known. I am hoping that 2004 will change that. I think the internet and the dawn of free music will change that eventually. Bands won’t have to be signed to be heard so maybe somebody can be creative and not have to conform to the evil “industry”.

If I had the talent I would put out good music so we did not have to endure the crap that is currently being fed to us. It got to the point that I refuse to listen to the radio anymore. I just burn a ton of music and listen to that. It also gave me the added benifit of not having to listen to all those asshole discjockeys. Why can’t they just shut the fuck up and play music?

I’m gonna have to go with the screeching '80’s hair-band tunes. Not much else can get me fired up like the good old bands like Whitesnake, Poison, the Scorps, Motley Crue, and Def Leppard for sure.
Other than '80’s metal, I really like Sublime. It’s a damn shame Bradley died.

(BTW, this is my first post on the T-forums.)

welcome to the board jesser. i’ll throw in some input. i like a wide wide variety of music. but when i’m training it’s gotta be rockin. my old gym back home used to play stuff van halen and guns n f’n roses every day. you can’t go wrong with classic rock or any rock when training. you can’t go wrong with metal when training.

my second gym played the local hip hop/pop station and i was told it was to please the clientelle…whatever. the gold’s that i’m at now…they kinda mix it up…but it’s still hard to train without zeppelin, acdc, jimi, guns, van halen, etc.

i’ve been told to get an mp3 player and some headphones…but those things get in the way during a max squat or pull or a clean…