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Rock and Roll- Spence's Training Log


Deadlift and cleans as usual. Worked to 3 doubles from a hang at 225, then Deadlift 3’s up to 385 x 8 beltless. Did 4 x 8 bent rows with 155, then a superset 3 x GHR//pull ups. Sets of 5 for each. Finished with another superset, 4 x 8 wide grip cable curls//close grip cable curls.

Shout out to my girlfriend today, I wouldn’t have pulled the 8th one if it wasn’t for her. She is very motivating (and strong)


Coming off a little bit of a break/deload after a weekend at the beach. I was able to keep my eating in a good place, but definitely didn’t drink enough water. Had a tough Rugby workout with some Marines last night, and was feeling pretty rough after. Today was better though, and I went in to hit a lift. Did power cleans from the floor, for something like 4 x 3. Cleans from the floor have been feeling really clunky for me, and I’m trying to figure out why. I feel very comfortable doing them from a hang, but maybe theres something about my bar path from the ground that puts me in a weird postion. Either way, something to work on. Hit squats after, my 3’s week up to 315 for 7 beltless. I could have done 8 but it would have been a real grind, so I left it at 7 for today. After, I hit 3 x 8 clean grip reverse lunges (8 each leg) with 135 and called it a day there. Good lift, good first day back in the gym.


I had an overhead press workout on Friday that I forgot to log. Mostly consisted of a bunch of presses after my 3’s set of OHP, then 5 x 5 pin press from my chin level with 135, arnold presses, lateral raises, and rear delt raises. Unfortunately, my recovery from that lift wasnt great.

Today was deadlifts. I hit 5 sets of 3 on hang cleans first, with just 185. I knew my deadlifts for the day would be heavy, so I kept cleans light and fast. Deadlifts went up to 410 for 5 beltless. After, I put on a belt and pulled a single at 455, just to see how it felt. Planning to pull a max next week, as I’ll be in Peru for a few weeks after that and unable to lift. After my top set I pulled 315 for 3 x 5; I was in need of some more practice with conventional. Followed that with 2 x 10 pulldowns and 4 x 8 Zercher rack pulls, with 205 x 1 and 225 x 3.


Benched for what I realized was the first time in about 2 weeks. Worked up to 255 for 5, which I have videoed below. After that I dropped it to 185 for 4 x 8 with a closer grip, then 3 sets of incline DB press with 70s (hit 10,9,8).
3 x 10,8,8 cable flys, with a 10 sec weighted stretch at the beginning.
3 x 8 hammer strength rows with 3 plates. Rest paused the last set, into 6 and 2.
Dips for 2 x 10, and 2 more sets to failure
DB skullcrushers//DB close grip press 3 x 8,8,6 with 30, 30, 25s (10 each close grip set)
3 x 10 Preacher curl machine
3 x 10 JM press//reverse curls (65 for JM, EZ bar with 15s for curls)


Squats today, up to 335 x 4. I had wanted 5, it seems like I have a tough time keeping good position as I get into heavier weights. With that being said, I followed that up with 3 x 3 squats at 295 which felt ok. Next was 4 x 5 front squats at 205. 3 x 10 leg extensions (1 leg at a time) // 10 weighted sit up ab machine things.

The Oly platforms were closed at the beginning, so I hit some clean pulls at the end. I did 5 x 3 clean pulls with 275 for 2 sets and 285 for the rest. I dropped it down to 225 after, and hit 3 x 3 power cleans. It felt good, cleans from the ground still feel a little clunky. Hoping that practice and research will improve them


Active recovery today
Foam rolled and did some mobility work for my hips and t-spine
Power hang snatch, just with 110 lbs for 5 x 4
Did some light clean pulls to hang cleans with 185, 6 x 4 (4 clean pull-hang clean)

20 minutes on Airdyne bike. 14 min at RPM between 60 and 70, last 6 min above 70 RPM


OHP 531, up to 140 x 7 which felt good. 4 x 6 pull ups to go along with it. Push press after, for sets up 5. 135 x 5, and 3 sets of 155 x 5. Need to work a bit on my positioning here, I have a hard time having the bar rest across my shoulders/clavicle with my hands in a good position. 3 x 12 Arnold press, with 30s and short rest time. Chest supported rear delt flys // chest supported shrugs for 4 x 10 each. 12.5 lb DBs (slow negative on the flys) and 50s for the shrugs. Cable lateral raises for 3 x 10, Seated DB curls for 3 x 8 (slow negative, 30 lb DBs), lying french press with DBs (20s for 3 x 10)


Finished my cycle and decided to run a sample of the Hybrid Performance Method that they had available. First, I wanted to pull a heavy deadlift single. I’m in the middle of final exams, but so I’ve been stressed but I was also frustrated enough that I figured it would offset it a bit. I pulled up to 475 conventional, which felt ok but heavy, and moved kind of slow. I called it there, and moved onto my actual programmed work. First thing programmed was power clean-push press, up to 1 clean and 5 push press for a daily max; I did 155, which was conservative but felt good. After that was snatch high pulls 5 x 5, which I did 155 for as well. 3 x 10,10,8 pull ups, which I was a little surprised with, and then 3 x 6 squats with 225. I like this program and think I will run it over the summer; it has a great balance of powerlifting, oly lifting, and bodybuilding type stuff that I enjoy a lot.


Today I hit Day 2 of the sample program, 3 x 3 bench at 85%. I used 245 because I wanted to pause it. After that was 2 sets of incline bench, for 8 and then 6 with 185. Dips for 2 x 10,8 with +35. Incline skullcrushers (french press) for 2 x 10 with 15s on the EZ bar. 2 x 15 rope pushdowns, then 2 x 15 pec dec flys.


First day back from Peru. Had a blast, but found myself pretty sick (stomach) towards the end. This workout was coming off a fairly long period of not eating, because I couldnt, and dehydration, because my body was losing so much water. Was able to eat a dinner and a breakfast before, and keep most of my fluids. Did a pressing workout, 3 triples on bench up to 225 which felt way too hard. 2 x 12 incline with 135. 2 x 15 slight incline DB flys with 20s. 2 x 8 ring dips. 2 x 12 laying french press, 2 10’s each side of a bar that weighs an unknown amount. 3 x 6 pull ups, with +15.


After several more days of sickness, I finally have antibiotics and I am on the way to feeling better. I was able to eat again finally and can hydrate adequately. BW all the way down at 193 yesterday at the doctor, hoping its mostly from dehydration. Short workout today, 4 x 4 front squats, with 195. 2 x 8 high bar back squats with 185. 3 x 6 weighted pull ups, with +15 lbs. At this point I was feeling pretty bad, pushed the intensity with compound lifts a little too hard for getting over a stomach bug.


Pressing workout that I did cautiously, with somewhat low intensity to allow my stomach to not die. Hit 5 x 5 OHP with 115, which felt surprisingly good. Then I did chest supported snatch grip shrugs (snatch grip because my bench has a piece under it that prevents me from having my arms straight down) with 95 lbs, had somewhat of a hard time getting a real good contraction though. Superset it with chest supported high rows with DBs, this really burned my low and mid traps. Followed it with 3 x 10,10,6 CGBP on a slight incline, with 155 x 2 and 165 x 1 set. Superset these with pull ups, 8 each set. Lateral raises next, with 20s for 2 sets, 15 and 12 reps a piece. Superset with TRX 'Y’s. Finally hit my arms some, because they have been feeling dainty. 3 sets of straight bar curls superset with tricep rock n’rolls (a hybrid performance program exercise, similar to a DB jm press) for sets of 10 on each. I used just 10s on an olympic bar, and 25 lb DBs. I did some sets of forearm rolling afterwards as well. No abs yet.


Back at it today, able to push my compounds a little harder. Hit 3 x 3 cleans with 200. I’m training in my basement, and can’t really drop my cleans (I have bumpers but they aren’t great, the floor isn’t great for dropping weights, and the barbell is essentially falling apart) so I was a little limited, at least until I can figure out the best way to ease the bar down. Deadlifts for 5 x 5 with 275, which moved fine though I can tell my ankles and hamstrings are tight. Some work required there. Block pulls with 355 for 3 x 4. Bent rows, with 145 for 8 and 175 for 2 x 6. Did some forearm rolling, with a 25. Loaded carries, in the form of my keg. 180 lbs, did 3 x carries for roughly 35 or 40 yards I think. The distance is 20 big regular steps each way, and I’m about 6 feet tall so I think each step is close to a yard.

Eagerly anticipating starting the hybrid performance method, hopefully in the next few days. I miss structured programming, and I’ve just been BS’ing as I’ve gotten back to feeling normal.


Bench today for 4 x 5 with 205.
3 x 5 weighted pull ups (+25lbs)
3 x 5 slingshot bench with 245
3 x 8,8,7 spoto press with 145
Arm superset barbell curls x 8 (65) // tricep rock n rolls (25s) x 10 for 3 sets
2 x 10 cross body hammer curls
3 x 10 Ab rollouts


I started today with Hybrid Performance, and they have a built in training log, so I think my posts here will be less frequent.