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ROCity's Log


I'm starting this log for a couple reasons:
1)I want to start tracking my workouts/diet and feel that this would be much easier than carrying a notebook around
2)I'm hoping that the fact a lot of people can see this will help motivate me
3)I'd like to get some feedback on what I'm doing...always looking to improve

I'm 16 years old, 5'6", and weigh ~150lbs. As for lifts, my bench is 140x5, squat is 175x6, and deadlift is 205x5. I will be starting Starting Strength tomorrow and will run on off days (Monday/Wednesday/Fridays).

My diet is split up between days I'm at my Dad's and days I'm at my Mom's. A typical Dad day looks like this:

11:30AM - Roast beef sandwich w/ cheese on wheat bread; apple
2:30PM - 2 clif builders bars
3:15PM - workout
5:00PM - 2 organic chicken burritos
7:00PM - oatmeal, casein, blueberries, almond butter

When I'm at my Mom's everything's the same except the last two meals which look like this:

5:00PM - 1/2 pound grass fed ground beef or bison; vegetable (usually spinach, broccoli, or potato
7:00PM - 2 scoops casein, 1 cup blueberries

I know some of these food choices aren't the greatest (chicken burritos, roast beef sandwich, clif bars) but at the moment my parents don't want to spend too much on food and convenience is a big factor for me b/c of my workload for school.

Hope this works


First day of starting strength. Felt really good today...probably could have used more weight but better to start lighter I guess.

Squat 3x5x165
Military Press 3x5x80
Power Cleans 3x5xBar --> New to power cleans, trying to work on form; did more than three sets to get the feel of it
Dumbbell Rows 2x15x40
Medicine Ball Slams 3x10x?

Finished with carries
waiter and double waiter carry w/ 35lb dumbbells
suitcase and farmers walks w/ 55lb dumbbells

Diet was the usual. had ground beef and spinach for dinner


Yesterday ran 3.3 miles in 30 minutes

Today's workout looked like this:
Squat 3x5x170
Bench 3x5x115
Deadlift 1x5x205
Incline Dumbell Flies 2x8x20
Medine ball slams 3x10
Carries (waiter, double waiter, suitcase, farmers walks)

I also just realized today that wrestling season is less that 8 weeks away and that I should probably cut some weight and start doing some higher rep/body weight work. Post that once I figure out what i want to do


Yesterdays workout was as follows:
squats 3x5x170
military press 3x5x85
power cleans 3x5x55
dumbbell rows 2x17x40
medicine ball slams 3x10x8

squats were tough, not sure why


squat 3x5x175, not 170